Drama Club to do “The Odd Couple” in November


From left: Senior David Britton, Junior Adam Popke, Director Aaron Odom, Junior Mikeal Meak, and Senior Dalen O’Connell rehearse a scene from “The Odd Couple”

Sheridan High School’s Drama Club fall production,“The Odd Couple” by Neil Simon is scheduled to open Nov. 1-4 and then the 8-11 in the Sue Henry Auditorium. The male and female cast will alternate performances each weekend.

Aaron Odom, director and Drama Club Coordinator of five years is excited to be producing this play. Directing a play with an all male and an all female cast as two different performances will be hard work, but the cast will be working even harder to memorize lines, practice and get ready for two plays in the time of one.

“The Odd Couple” is about two best friends who are both going through divorces, one of them moves in with the other. The only problem is that they’re complete opposites. One friend is extremely messy while the other is a neat freak. Junior Mariah Olesen who plays Florence describes her character as, “a suicidal hypochondriac“ for the female version, and Senior Max Marquis who plays Oscar says he’s, “the slob of the two” for the male version. Both said they are very excited to be performing this comedy.

With the amount of preparation in one month both casts carry a lot of pressure to get two plays done. Not only is time a concern. “Messing up something I can’t fix” is another fear, said Marquis, and “pre-show week is the hardest for pulling everything together.” Olesen’s biggest fear is “forgetting lines or something going wrong I can’t control.”

Although these young actors and actresses will be stressed to the max, they look forward to wowing the audience, not once but twice.