RPG out does itself with gameplay and storyline

RPG out does itself with gameplay and storyline

Despite video games’ usual dull, shallow villains, Farcry introduces Vaas, an antagonist that truly brings as much character to the game as any protagonist.

One of 2012’s lesser known games include Farcry 3, a game deserving of praise not because of its missions or gameplay, but the story line. Being a third installment gamers often take the game to be like its earlier versions, which in this case isn’t true. The game has an independent plot, not requiring gamers to have played earlier installments for the story line to make sense.

Venture down the rabbit hole that is Farcry 3 and experience a game with a beautiful landscape, adventure, and a compelling story. It starts out with Jason Brody, his family, and his friends having been captured by pirates after a dream vacation goes terribly wrong. With the help of one of the islands natives, Jason escapes and sets out to rescue his friends. Culture shock ensues as Jason adapts to the island and it’s natives, adopting their skills and customs in order to save his family. As he follows “the path of the warrior,” as the natives call it, he becomes more and more attached to the island and the culture that surrounds him.

The characters in the game are all unique but perhaps the most memorable is the main antagonist, Vaas. It’s unusual for a game to present a villain who is also one of the best acted parts. Dropping subtleties about insanity, Vaas terrorizes while captivating players with the uniqueness of his character.

Although the game is set on a main story, there are plenty of side missions as well as a main character that becomes unique to the person playing, like most rpg’s. Throughout the story, quotes from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland are shown, giving you a look into what is about to come. The game itself presents an interesting look into the human psyche when a man is forced to chose between his friends and the life he had, or the newfound love of an island and it’s natives. As the game progresses it comes to a point where the acts Jason performs to rescue his friends are the very thing that are pulling him and his friends apart.

The game also offers Co-op and multiplayer options, providing a whole new island for different playing styles. Everything from hang gliding, base jumping, hunting, and boating is included in this game, making it entertaining the whole way through. Farcry is made by Ubisoft so it has sort of a first person Assassin’s Creed feel, but all in all a unique game with a storyline fit for a novel or big screen.