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Fluoride in the water not a problem

Marissa Hegy, Editor in Chief

March 6, 2015

 Recently, Sheridan has began to fluoridate its water based on a bill passed in 2010 by the city council, and this has become a heated topic in our community.   Although some members of the community support water fluorid...

Ice-buckets for charity? Or “likes”?

Gabrielle Golinvaux, Opinions Editor

October 14, 2014

Everyone hates cancer. Given fact. Normally we don’t just hate cancer for a month or so either. The question is, why does it take social media for us to develop a hatred for it? Yeah, the ice bucket challenge is cool and...

Christmas break should end semester, not be study time

Allison Kruse, Editor in Chief

December 19, 2013

Everybody enjoys Christmas break; it’s a time to spend with your family, relax, use your new gifts, sleep in, and wake up to a cup of hot chocolate. Of course, all that relaxation and free time is quickly thwarted by the tedious...

Stress: The Good and Bad

Stress: The Good and Bad

November 4, 2013

Athletic success: a fine line between discipline and encouragement

Marissa Hegy, Staff Writer

September 26, 2013

Go to any youth’s sports competition: a third grade soccer game, a high school tennis meet, a YMCA floor hockey game; a recreational district baseball tournament. What do you see? I see nervous athletes, trying to lose the...

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