Musically inclined senior out for adventure


“Rachael is crazy, but in a good way. We never have a dull moment together. She’s really carefree and doesn’t judge others,” said Caitlin Henderson

An athlete, musician and artist, senior Rachael Swan exudes charisma in all of her activities. “Rachael is a very outgoing individual; she’s always full of ideas and is usually up for anything,” says fellow classmate Hilary Lindell. With a schedule of Broadcast Journalism, Adaptive P.E, Geology, Poetry and Symphony Orchestra, Swan is focused on her future career. Her interests include photography, playing the piano and violin, volleyball, special education, and art classes.

She attributes her passion for music to Symphony teacher Razmick Sarkissian. “[Mr. S] cares about every single one of his students, and he’s taught me to be patient, try my hardest in everything, and follow my dreams.” Sarkissian, in turn, also speaks highly of Swan as a student. “Rachael is a delight to work with. [She’s] very intelligent, patient and extremely well mannered and courteous.”

Swan plays in the Sheridan Symphony and Chamber Orchestra. Over the years, she’s all-stated in music three times and received superior grading in district festival performances. Senior Kristy Nelson adds, “She has been playing the violin since she was very little…she is very dedicated and not only that, but she can also teach herself to play any song on the piano.” Swan continues to pursue her musical talents, but she’s unsure whether she’ll play in an orchestra in college.

Swan dedicates herself fully to volleyball as well; she has been  playing as a Lady Bronc for all four years she’s spent at SHS. “Rachael was a quiet force on the team. She was a dynamic player both offensively and defensively. We all enjoyed Rachael; she’s very easy to get along with,” said Varsity Coach Wendi Ruby. Swan attributes her focused application to her activities to her dad. “He’s committed and he accomplished in life what he wanted to, which is what I’d like to do [as well].”

Although she’s undecided about where she’ll continue her secondary education, she is considering the University of Santa Clara or Santa Barbara. Her majors of choice are photography, special education and possibly a business degree. “Photographers don’t get a ton of credit but I’m okay with that. I’ve always just found enjoyment in taking pictures,” she said.

“Rachael sees things differently sometimes, and when she takes certain pictures I don’t think they are going to look cool but then they do…She just has an eye for it,”said friend and senior Caitlin Henderson.

Along with photography, Swan’s interested in pursuing further involvement in special education, as she enjoys participating in the adaptive P.E. class. “I love knowing that I really impact someone who doesn’t have any choice of how they live their life. It’s an extremely rewarding experience.”

‘I’m really looking forward to the college experience. I’m ready to be more on my own [and] just let whatever happens happen.” she said. Swan’s plans for after college are to move out of Wyoming, travel to places such as Australia, Africa, and South America and open up her own photography business. “She finds peace when it comes to her photography. She’s taken many pictures of me before and not only they turn out amazing but I always have a good time,” said Nelson. “I could definitely see her being a photographer for her career,” rejoins Lindell. Swan says she enjoys the artist’s control from behind the camera lens and capturing moments without being the center of attention.

“Rachael is crazy, but in a good way. We never have a dull moment together…she’s really carefree and doesn’t judge others,” said Henderson. Friend and fellow senior, Shayley Cooper further expands on Swan’s open personality, saying “one of the main things that makes Rachael different is how oddly laidback she is [and] she is really adventurous and always ready to do something new and exciting.”

Rachael is the daughter of Davis Swan and Diane Cosner.