Loyal friend loves golf and the outdoors

Loyal friend loves golf and the outdoors

Ben Wollenzien watches as one of his accurate drives sails off to its target.

When senior Ben Wollenzien isn’t in school, he’s out on the golf course hitting a hole-in-one, or up snowboarding through the fresh powder on the mountains. Wollenzien’s friends would describe him as a quiet, funny guy, who is always very loyal towards his friends and polite to those around him.

Wollenzien has been apart of the SHS golf team all four years of his high school career. “I started playing about eight years ago. I liked it, so I just kept with it.” Wollenzien was the two men on the fall golf team during his senior year. Golf coach Larry Martoglio had the chance to coach Wollenzien all four years of his golf career. He’s been able to watch Wollenzien become a great, supportive leader for the team, and a strong player as well. “I like him; we are going to miss him a lot,” said Martoglio.

With all the success Wollenzien has achieved through his high school career, it left some people wondering if he would continue his golf career into college. “I plan on going to University of Wyoming this fall, but I’m only going to play golf if I’m offered a scholarship.”

When Wollenzien isn’t out playing golf for pleasure or for the SHS team, he can be found up on the Bighorn Mountains fishing, hiking, and cutting through the fresh powder on his snowboard. “Winter is my favorite time of the year, I love the feeling I get when I’m snowboarding through the fresh powder,” Wollenzien said on what he likes to do on his spare time, “I just love being outdoors and around the fresh air.”

Wollenzien’s friends describe him as a funny, nice guy who is just fun to have around with whatever you’re doing. “He’s the type of guy that, when he sees a napkin on the floor, he picks it up and puts it on the table,” fellow Senior Anthony Newlon said of Wollenzien.

Being a part of thirty-six straight tournament winning team is just one of Wollenzien’s favorite memories he has from his four years here at SHS. With Wollenzien planning on going to UW this coming fall, he is looking at getting into the engineering program. With his senior year reaching its peak Wollenzien is starting to relize how much he is going to miss about his time here at SHS. “I’m going to miss going to all the different sporting events, and just being able to represent the school.”

Ben is the son of Annie and Paul Wollenzien.