Opinionated senior loves to match wits


Jacob Channel analyzes everything and everyone in a heartbeat.

When he’s not busy surfing the web for the latest and greatest political topics, senior Jacob Channel can be found around the school taking part in the speech and debate team, interning with Mr. Rizer, and even helping the drama club put on their yearly performances.

Most people look at senior year as a time to take the easy classes the school has to offer and just glide on by; but for Channel, that’s not an option. With a hefty schedule of AP Government, AP British Literature, Pre Calculus, AP Physics, a two class period internship with Mr. Rizer in his AP US History class, as well as Advanced World History for PACE, Channel seems to have a hard and busy seven period day. But according to him, his favorite thing about high school has been the different classes SHS has to offer him, “The free learning part, as nerdy as that sounds. I like to know things and when [mostly] competent individuals teach me things for free it’s nice.”

With his senior year winding down, Channel has been faced with the challenge of deciding what he wants to do with his life outside of high school. It’s no secret that he is a fan of politics, and this election year was the topping of the cake for Channel to argue his thoughts on the side of things. “I like the game of wits. Always trying to figure out what the other side thinks. Plus I just like arguing, so it’s fun.” With this strong passion for politics, Channel decided what he wants to study in college. “I’m thinking about going to UW for four years, then going off to some other place in pursuit of a doctorate in history or political sciences,” thanks to PACE Internship, a class offered here at SHS, that allows seniors to go and take part in possible future careers that interest them. Channel has been given the chance to intern with History teacher Mr. Rizer.

” I like the fact that he is an intellectual. He doesn’t base his opinions on nothing, but on his strong beliefs that he has strong information on. He is very active in his political beliefs where he thinks deeply into them. He’s a good kid,” are just a few things Mr. Rizer had to share on his star intern. People who are fortunate to be in a class where Channel is interning get a chance to see just how much he enjoys being in and around an environment where discussions on constitutional rights and political topics are brought up on a daily basis. In fact, one of the best things is listening to Mr. Rizer and Channel discuss in full force daily current events and what they agree and disagree on. To help expand his love for politics even more, Channel took part in this years Model United Nations Conference that took place in Jackson, Wyoming, “We basically pretended we were the UN and we tried to tackle issues that they actually deal with. I was in the UNESCO branch as China. I enjoyed giving speeches and trying to rally support for a specific bill.”

When Channel isn’t busy in the classroom, he takes part in many extracurricular activities that our school has to offer or takes time enjoying activities he does outside of the school world. “I like to draw, read. I’m always doing something at the school, from drama club to speech and debate. I spend a lot of time on the internet.” Channel has been very busy over the years by helping make the drama club play productions the best to come and see. From Romeo and Juliet, Hello Dolly, and this years fall production of The Odd Couple, Channel is found behind the scenes helping with lighting, sound, and set production of each of these performances.

Being a well rounded senior, Channel has been able to accomplish a lot throughout his four years here at SHS.