Student’s many passions make it hard to decide future


Hailey Ligocki takes her younger sister, Katie, out for a ride. Ligocki loves everthing from her family to sports.

Future UW Cowgirl, Hailey Ligocki, is known around SHS as an energetic and welcoming senior. She has the type of charisma that you read about. “Hailey’s sweet, outgoing, caring… She’s just a really great friend,” said senior Celena Kelly. Seeing Ligocki in the halls at school, you’d notice her saying hello to teachers, catching up with her friends, or offering a helping hand to a student in need. The halls at SHS won’t be the same without her next year.

Ligocki has been an outstanding student since the beginning of her high school career. She has always been invested in her school work. “Hailey is a very committed student,” said GATE English teacher Jeanne Hackman, “She is a joy to have in the classroom.” Even with an outstanding academic record, Ligocki is still a bit conflicted on what she wants to study next year at the University of Wyoming. “I’m considering biology or agricultural sciences, maybe,” said Ligocki, “So many different subjects interest me; it’s hard to decide what I want to do with the rest of my life.” Ligocki’s junior year math teacher, Tim Daniels, believes she will excel in whatever major she decides to pursue, “I admire how competitive Hailey is in everything she does,” Daniels says, “The reason she is so successful is because of her hard work and dedication.” She is planning on starting her generals her freshman year, and searching for a subject that she feels passionately enough about to pursue for the rest of her life. “All I know is, whatever I choose to study, I want to absolutely love it,” she explains.

Not only is Ligocki a wonderful friend and student, but she is also an outstanding athlete. She finished her senior tennis season with a state championship title. “My last season of tennis was great,” said Ligocki, “I got to play doubles with one of my best friends, [Rachel Wood], and we won!” Wood agrees, saying, “Being able to play with Hailey was great. We had so much fun together.” Ligocki adds that, even aside from winning state, she had a great time this season with the rest of the 2012 team, “The trips were always so fun, and I had a great time making lasting memories with some great friends.”

Ligocki has started on the SHS girls’ varsity basketball team since the time she was a freshman, “I’ve always loved playing, and I’ve played since I was really little.” Ligocki made a verbal commitment to play on the University of Wyoming’s Cowgirls’ basketball team in September, and she has been excited since, “I’m mostly excited just for the experience of being a Wyoming Cowgirl and wearing brown and gold.” Ligocki’s current basketball coach, Sean Yeager, says he most admires her humility as an athlete. “Everyone is in awe of her amazing athletic ability; she has this amazing gift, yet she doesn’t allow it to define who she is,” says Yeager. He believes Ligocki will go far in her athletic and academic careers while attending UW. Ligocki is looking forward to the feeling of accomplishment when she finishes her first season as a Cowgirl and to making her high school coach proud. She signed with UW on November 12.

Ligocki has other hobbies aside from tennis and basketball. Her family owns a ranch just outside of Sheridan. “It’s my absolute favorite place to be,” said Ligocki. She loves everything about it, from riding horses and working cows to just spending time with her family. She says that it teaches her so much about life. “I’m so blessed to have been raised around ranching because it’s an opportunity most kids never get, and I’m grateful that I was,” said Ligocki.

Along with working at the ranch, Ligocki loves doing anything else outdoors. She loves to camp and fish in the summertime, sled and ski in the winter, and of course spend time with her family at the ranch. “I also love cuddling up on my couch with a good book.” She says a good story is a great escape anytime. Lately she has been cuddling up with some of J.R.R Tolkien’s greatest reads as a part of her AP British Literature curriculum.

Ligocki has enjoyed the past four years she has spent as an SHS Bronc, and she will be greatly missed next year, not only as a star athlete here, but also as a great friend and student. She says she will miss high school, but, ultimately, she is excited to move on to the next chapter in her life. “I’m excited to see what the future holds,” said Ligocki, “God has blessed me in so many ways, and I’m grateful for everything He has give me: my great family and friends and every opportunity I’ve been given. I can’t wait to see what He has in store for me next.”

Hailey is the daughter of Larry and Kim Ligocki.