Supportive teammate becomes role model


Senior Baylee Baker is looked up to as a role model to her teammates and even the underclassman at SHS.

Seen as a role model to many new and upcoming athletes here at SHS, senior Baylee Baker can be found around the school talking with friends or making a three-pointer on the basketball court.

With basketball in the midst of its season, Baker has helped her teammates keep up with their 14-1 winning record, “Our goal is to win state. And we work to prove that we can,” said Baker. “She’s very selfless and a good role model to everyone around her. She’s a great asset to the team. She makes the shots we need,” said fellow teammate senior Mali Wright.

Baker not only participates in basketball here at SHS, but also Volleyball, “This year our season was cut short at regionals. But I improved a lot this season which helped me get honorable mentions.” Being apart of these sports teams has caused Baker to make strong family connection with her teammates, “These girls are always here for me no matter what. I know they will always have my back. They’re like a family to me.”

When times get rough out on the volleyball or basketball court, Bakers teammates tend to look up to her with encouragement. “She’s very supportive, she’s always happy for others when they’re doing good,” said freshman Robbie Ryan, “She’s just a good role model to all of us.”

When Baker isn’t busy getting work done on the court, shes busy taking classes she enjoys. Classes like Child and Family Practicum, Geology, and weight training, help keep Baker busy throughout her day. With her Child and Family Practicum class, Baker has been given the opportunity to go and intern with a kindergarten class at Highland Park Elementary school, “This first semester I would go and sit in on the lessons at Highland Park for the kindergarten class. I’d get to help them with their activities and reading. Hopefully this next semester I’ll be able to help out with the second and third graders.” But what she enjoys the most about this intern program is just getting to see the kids, “Seeing the kids just makes my whole day better.”

With her senior year starting to come to a slow close Baker looks forward to much still to come, “Prom and Graduation. Prom is going to be a blast this year.” But with it coming to an end, shes having to face the hard times that senior year brings, “What I’m going to miss the most is the fact that next year, I won’t be able to see the friends I’ve gotten super close to over the years. The hardest thing is going to be saying good-bye.”

But when it comes to plans for next year she hasn’t quite decided where she wants to go yet. “As of right now, I honestly have no idea yet. But I do know that I want to get into Kindergarten teaching someday. I love children.” Baker will surely wow us in the future.


Baylee is the daughter of Susan and Troy Baker