Fashionable senior stays motivated and driven to succeed


Senior Erin Jensik takes extremely difficult classes and deals with more stress then most high school students yet she always keeps a smile on her face and is always fun to talk to.

From her new fashionable hairstyle to her continual motivation to succeed in life, Erin Jensik is not the typical Sheridan High School student. She sets the bar higher for herself than most. Not only does she succeed in her studies, she also excels in her athletics. Jensik has competed in volleyball and track for three years, cross-country for one year, and made it to state in both track and cross-country. “Track is my favorite sport, because its really fun and I want to pursue it in college” says Jensik.

Jensik is doing many things this year other than class work and applying to colleges. She has devoted herself to cross country, Spanish Club, where she is secretary, Job’s Daughters, National Honor Society, Academic Challenge, indoor and outdoor track, Future Business Leaders of America, Treblemakers, and the Mariachi Band. With her busy schedule of extracurricular and AP classes, she still maintains her 4.0 GPA. For advanced classes, she has taken AP Psychology, AP Chemistry, AP Statistics, AP Calculus, AP US History, AP Bio, and Spanish 3.

Even with this time-consuming schedule, Jensik still finds time for her many friends.

“I am glad that I participated in track with Erin, so that I could meet her and become such great friends with her last year,” says junior Zoe Sherman, “Without her, summer wouldn’t have been such a blast!”

“Erin, is an all around awesome, outgoing, caring person that I have no doubt that she will go far in life,” said senior Stephanie Prill.

Jensik wants to major in business management and accounting, and minor in fashion so she can start her own clothing business. She loves making clothes and likes the responsibility of being in charge.

“One thing I noticed right away about Erin is that she is extremely focused, and, for her, success is a component of hard work and excellent,” says coach and teacher Art Baures, “She also always monitors her progress in track to see if she gets better and that’s what makes her drive to succeed.”

Jensik has done track since her sophomore year and cross-country her senior year. She went to state in outdoor track for the high jump one year, and ran and placed for the 4×800 two years in a row, with one of those being a second-place finish. Jensik hopes to go for more events and to place in all of them to help her team this year, as well.

Jensik wants to study at Michigan State or University of Wyoming to pursue her dreams to run her own business. Then after come back and get her fashion major at Colorado Art Institute for

Jensik is the daughter of Mark and Mary Jane Jensik.