Senior is optimistic and positive, on and off court


Senior Mali Wright: “[she’s] a great leader on the team, and someone that all the players look up to,” –Robbi Ryan

Even though she’s new to the school this year, Mali Wright is well known, looked up to, and respected throughout the school.

Wright plays multiple sports and is very involved in school activities. She plays for the Sheridan High school basketball team which is having a tremendous season and was a part of the volleyball team during the fall. Wright has received a variety of rewards including all-stating in volleyball twice and once in basketball along with making the volleyball north all-star team. Of the two, Wright enjoys volleyball a little more than basketball because she has been playing it longer and is better at volleyball than she is at basketball–in her opinion. Wright is a leader on both of these teams and is a good teammate. Freshmen Robbi Ryan says that “Mali is a great leader on the team and someone that all the players look up to… She also brings us a post presence this year and is really physical.”

This year the girls basketball team is 19-2 and Wright is a huge factor in the team’s success. She describes her team as “the definition of a team” and that “We really have good teamwork and we are really selfless when we play with each other” said Wright. Her favorite memory of basketball consists of coach Yeager making fun of both the team and the coaches at the end of practices.

Outside of school Wright is involved in a variety of other activities. She spends a lot of time going to the mountains with both her family and friends and is something she does when she isn’t on the court. “Mali is really fun to be around because she is easy to joke around with but at the same time can be serious when she needs to be” said Ryan. Wright sees herself as straightforward and nice and her friends see her as a positive leader in school and in sports. “She’s really caring towards other people and is really positive. Mali is very motivational and optimistic as well when it comes to sports and talking with her friends” said senior Megan Eisenhauer.

Previously, Wright had attended Big Horn High before attending Sheridan High for her senior year. There were a variety of factors that led to her transferring, and, in the end, Wright made the decision based on opportunity and friends. “Sheridan is a lot bigger and there are more opportunities here,” said Wright, “Also, I have more friends here, and I wanted to be closer to them.”

In the Future, Wright plans on attending Newman University in Kansas where she will be playing both basketball and volleyball. Wright is really looking forward to attending following the conclusion of her senior year. In ten years Wright hopefully wants to be working for a professional sports organization or in marketing.

Wright is the daughter of Richard and Christy Wright.