Senior with great fashion sense decorates the walls of SHS


When she’s not busy standing under the spotlight on the Sue Henry auditorium stage, or taking classes to help expand her knowledge in the health and science field here at SHS, senior Haley Obermueller can be found playing and singing along to her guitar, or shredding it up in the mountains on her snowboard.

Being heavily equipped when it comes to the performing arts, Obermueller has had the chance to participate in many different festivals, concerts, and even a chance at Allstate choir. “Allstate helped me expand my singing ability, and being able to participate in different festivals over the years had helped me in many ways two.” Sophomore Becky Bridger would describe Obermueller’s voice as a, “unique defined style” unlike anyones shes heard her at the school.

Unlike most of the songbirds around school, Obermueller has been given the huge honor of getting to perform in the All-Northwest competition held Portland, Oregon this February. “Its such a huge personal reward in itself, such a low selection of people get in, it makes me feel great knowing that one of them was me.” Obermueller had to say on her achievement. To get into All-Northwest though isn’t as simple as it sounds, “You have to send your tape in at the beginning of the year of you performing different scales. Then you get selected to participate. Only five choir kids from Sheridan made it.”

This year, Obermueller decided to participate in the Drama Club’s spring musical of “Fiddler on the Roof”. “This year I’m really enjoying how musically involved I have become. And being a part of this musical has really broadened my interest more into the arts.”

Obermueller is kept busy throughout her day with classes like Aquatic Biology, Honor Choir, Spectrum, Pre. Calculus, an Internship at Sheridan Memorial Hospital in the emergency room, as well as a CNA class. Obermueller spends most of her day singing and participating in CNA clinicals. When it comes to her plans for next year, she plans on attending the University of Wyoming where she hopes to get into the medical field of things. “I got accepted to UW. I’m thinking about the health department, but as of now, I’m a health science major and a minor in music.”

When Obermueller isn’t busy with school, she likes to spend her free time during the winter months snowboarding up and around the mountains. “I love to snowboard. I love the adrenaline, how fast paced it is, and being able to pick up new skills every time you go out.” When there’s not enough snow on the mountains, she also likes to spend her time playing her guitar and recording music in her room.

With her senior year beginning to wind down with just three short months left Obermueller is beginning to realize that its gonna be hard to be off on her own. “I’m going to miss the simpler life, living with my parents and being familiar and comfortable with everyone.” But she is looking forward to the next three months as she prepares herself for CNA clinicals, the musical, and the talent show.

Haley is the daughter of Rennee and Brian Obermueller