Compassionate senior works well with others


Forister colors with junior Rachael Koltiska during her internship 7th period in Meg Montgomery’s classroom.

Every year there is someone who seems to be involved in everything. An outward thinking, kind hearted student who everyone knows will succeed. The senior class of 2013 is no exception, Sarah Forister spends her time not just amongst friends but helping others in the process. Forister is the senior class president of student council,President of National Honor Society, co president of FBLA and went to nationals to compete in her junior year. She’s ran track since the 6th grade but a hip surgery kept her from participating her senior year. Although what she is most devoted to is helping out with special needs students in Ms. Montgomery’s class 7th period. To Forister, her time spent isn’t just an internship, but a chance to help others while doing something worthwhile. “It gives you a more positive outlook on life, it shows you your problems are never as big as you think, if they can make it through everyday life I can certainly make it through mine,” said Forister.

After high school Forister plans to go to the University of Wyoming, she was the recipient of the Trustees scholarship, and is waiting on the results of the Presidential scholarship as well. She plans to double major in Elementary and Special Education, and according to almost everyone who knows her, there is no one better fit for the job. “Sarah’s fun side really makes her one of the perfect people to go into special education, but she still has the hard work and dedication to succeed,” said senior Meghan Jacobs. Along with interning with Ms. Montgomery, Forrister also takes Adaptive P.E. “She’s comfortable with the students and they trust her because of her soft spoken character, her enthusiasm is obvious when she speaks of her time with the special education students, she loves those kids,” said Jeanne Hackman. Hackman has taught Forister for three years in the G.A.T.E program and has come to know her well throughout Forister’s freshman through junior years.

From a teacher’s standpoint, Forister’s time spent at SHS was well spent. She will graduate at the top of her class and for good reason. “She’s challenged herself with strong academic classes, she’s been a positive role model in our building, everybody respects her and shes humble,”said Hackman. She doesn’t discriminate between friends based on viewpoints and works hard while enjoying the time she spends in the classroom. “Shes methodical in her work, she works really hard at exceeding academically and she does it because she has a true interest in learning, she doesn’t do it for the grades,” said Hackman. Forister is described as one of the best writers Hackman has come across in her time as a teacher at SHS.

Forister didn’t only spend her time at high school creating a rock solid resume, but she built lasting relationships to go along with it, speak to any of her friends and she’ll be described as one of the nicest, kind hearted people they’ve come across. “Shes really genuine, very intelligent, and one of the funniest people I know,” said Senior Stevie Harbour. Forister has only known Harbour since her sophomore year and Harbour has nothing but praise for her. Her compassionate nature makes her a joy to be around and impossible to find a bad thing to say about her. “She likes to challenge herself academically and always approaches everything with a positive attitude even situations she’s not comfortable with…I can’t say anything negative about her, and I wouldn’t anyway,” said Hackman. Fellow senior and long time friend of Forister’s, Rachel Wood describes her as just an overall great person. “Sarah is quirky and weird in a really good way, and she’s not afraid to be herself and i think a lot of people really love her for that. Shes not afraid to talk to people and she’s outgoing while being really fun to be around, she’s just a beautiful person,” said Wood. As a student, friend, and role model, Forister passes with flying colors, and those colors are soon to change from blue to gold, to gold and brown.