Enthusiastic socialite is a natural leader


Lauren Sarantopulos

Julian shows his school spirit at an 80’s themed courtwarming game.

“Have you ever walked in the middle of the night when it’s snowing and it’s, like… dead quiet? That’s the best thing ever… you can’t hear anything but the moon out and it’s super bright.» In all of Wyoming, no one sees the beauty in details like senior Tyler Julian. “I sleep with my blinds open in the winter so I can see the moon on the snow.”

Such appreciation for small details is impressive, especially for someone with an agenda like Juilan’s. As the Student Body President, the Secretary of National Honor Society, a student leader of Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and a member of Future Farmers of America, Julian still finds time to participate and excel in school sponsored sports such as football and indoor and outdoor track.

Aside from his extracurriculars, Julian has maintained a 3.98 GPA over the course of his high school career even with a heavy load of advanced classes including AP British Literature, AP Statistics, AP US History, AP Environmental Science, AP Psychology, AP Government, and AP Chemistry. On his favorite classes, Julian says “I like to see what makes people motivated. That’s why I like Brit Lit, it’s a look into the human psyche…you have all these different influences ultimately creating individualism… that’s just really fascinating to me.”

Julian, is well-equipped to take on a career in politics if he so chooses, as AP US History teacher Kevin Rizer says, “He’s a really hard working kid… his work ethic, he’s also extremely intelligent… particularly in the area of social studies… he understands how people interrelate, so he does a great job in government and history classes, and that makes him a tremendous leader.”

Based on his remarkable academic history and a 32 on his ACT, Julian was one of ten students of Sheridan High School presented with the University of Wyoming’s Trustees’ Scholar Award. Julian plans to attend UW in the fall and begin his degree in International Studies, possibly with a minor in Spanish, “Our economy is becoming more and more worldwide, and I think a degree in international studies with a focus on international economics would be very beneficial.” Julian’s wide interests provide him with a well-rounded worldview.

As a heavily involved student, Julian is an ardent socialite and supportive leader. AP Psychology teacher and track coach Art Baures says, “He’s genuine, he’s sincere… and he likes to bring others along… he wants to do as well as he can, and he wants others to succeed. He’s a great role model for our school and other students.”

And, as AP Government teacher Tyson Emborg says, “that [sense of leadership] means that people join him because they trust in his character and his example.”

Julian is not just an athlete, academic all-star, and positive role model, but an avid “tweeter.” “I like it when he tweets really nerdy stuff… like stuff about Patsy Cline,” says friend and fellow senior Allison Kruse.

Tyler is the son of Don and Jeannie Julian.