“Best-dressed” senior has worldly experience


Born in North Dakota, raised in England, and presently living in Wyoming, senior Adam David Ritterbush overlooks the mainstream and ventures to the unknown for life after senior high. Distant from students here at Sheridan High School, Ritterbush has a specific style and demeanor about himself that makes him stand out from the crowd.

Ritterbush was born in Rapid City, ND. Because his father was in the Air Force, he moved to England at the age of eight. The majority of Ritterbush’s childhood was spent in England, where he picked up a handful of creative self-expressions. As a kid, he practiced beat boxing, rapping, and magic tricks with his childhood best friend, Benjamin Haley.

At age 12, Ritterbush moved to Sheridan to be closer to his family, while still keeping in contact with Haley and his other friends from England.

Ritterbush has a special place in his heart England, “I miss the people and the culture. Everyone there was really interesting and the culture was awesome! They’re the type of people who live in the moment.”

From his vocabulary to his fashion sense, Ritterbush continues to express his English background.

To Ritterbush, his family is his number one priority. He has two older sisters, Auburn and Holly, leaving young Ritterbush the baby of the family. Ritterbush admits that it isn’t always easy being the youngest, but also says, “We are all really close because we’ve travelled a lot together. They have really helped me to grow to the person I am today.”

Unlike most high schoolers, Ritterbush also has two businesses, Ritt-a-bush and Secure Shred, both teaching him, at young ages, how to be respectable, responsible, and hard working.

Being gifted at maintaining positive personal social media accounts, Ritterbush scored a job for the advertising company, Flood Marketing.

There is a lot to do with public advertising; however, Ritterbush explains that his favorite part is “creating content to engage customers to the businesses that Flood Marketing works with. The company works with multiple businesses to expand their customer base and give them larger targeting groups.”

Ritterbush plans on graduating high school this coming May and moving down to Laramie to continue to work for Flood Marketing.

Ritterbush feels strongly that the basic public school systems do not properly test the intelligence of students or the capabilities they have. He tries to focus “more on the personal aspect of understanding than the learning aspect of it all.” He thinks it’s better to be hands-on rather than be tested on the ability to memorize facts.

Ritterbush considers himself lucky to have the great friends he’s been able to surround himself with during his high school career. One of Ritterbush’s best friends, Titus Brown, said, “Adam is both respectable and respectful. I’ve never had a bad time with him, and he’s someone who I can always go to with any problem.” Brown and Ritterbush have a lot in common, including sense of humor, taste in music, and great “friend guru.”

Ritterbush is an inspiration to all of the people around him. Brown spoke highly of him, “He really is good at what he does. He puts work before pleasure and puts his time into life outside of school, ¬†which I think is imperative for preparing for life after high school.”

Ritterbush is a respected person, worker, and friend. His view of the world is intuitive and unique. He is a person anyone would be lucky to get to know.

Ritterbush is the son of Brian and Michelle Ritterbush.