Texas transplant loves singing and dancing


Gabrielle Golinvaux

Senior Madison Havens loves dancing and “singing out loud.”

   Revolving her life around her passion, senior Madison Havens has been dancing her heart out since the seventh grade.

  Havens moved from Corsicana, Texas to Sheridan when she was in sixth grade because of her dad’s job transfer.

   While living in Texas, Havens participated in cheerleading and wanted to continue it in Sheridan, but quickly became interested in dance.

  Havens’ friend senior Kenzi Wyant influenced her to try out for dance at Studio 48. “Dancing was another step of cheerleading, so I got her to try out and at first it wasn’t too good and she had a hard time with it, but she got better and now it’s like her life,” Wyant said.

  Havens thanks Wyant for her dance accomplishments and getting her into dance. “I thought it was really pretty. I went to one of Kenzi’s dance recitals and thought it looked really fun and just pretty,” Havens said.

   Havens favorite style of dance is Modern dance. Havens explains it as a type of ballet, but not as elegant, with different movements in arms and feet.

   Havens is caring and upbeat. Wyant describes her as someone who is “helpful and friendly. If she see’s someone who needs help or a friend she’s going to go and talk to them.”

   Havens carries herself in a way that attracts positive energy anywhere she goes. It’s almost a guarantee you’ll catch her outstanding, friendly personality at some point.

   In her free time, Havens likes to work out at the YMCA.

   Her favorite activity besides dance, is singing out loud. Havens loves to express her happiness through songs anywhere and everywhere.

  After she finishes her senior year Havens wants to attend Sheridan College for business and participate in the new dance program the college is initiating next year. “Becoming a dancer was a big step in my life. I want to be a dance teacher now,”  Havens said.

  She also plans on working for her dance teacher, Donna Grant, by helping her teach classes.

   Havens has an internship through the school’s PaCE Internship program with Grant where she assists with teaching dance to Grant’s younger students.

   Havens is the daughter of Gavin and Pam Havens.