Senior with “soulful” voice balances creativity and responsibility


Bailey Carlin

Senior Miranda Irion with Jude.

Music and creativity is intrinsic to people since the day they were born. “My mother said I actually sang my first words,” talented musician senior Myranda Irion joked.

Growing up, Irion faced a speech impediment that she was able to work through with the help of her family, “My mom had the idea to have me sing everything, which helped with my stutter,” Irion explained.

“I discovered my love for music when I was very young, but I didn’t truly understand it until last summer in Denver.” There, she auditioned for The Voice, and took a week long college course on interior design and architecture.

Vocal instructor Karen Clift said, “It is obvious that music has always been a defining, integral part of Myranda. Her talent and soulful voice are her unique strength; which she allows to guide her, and she so beautifully shares with others.” Irion has been taking vocal lessons with Clift for two years.

On top of her singing passion, Irion also dabbles in the guitar. She takes classes at the Sheridan College to practice her talents. Irion began learning two years ago.

“Music has taught me how beautiful and accomplishing it is to see someone in a vulnerable state and to show that side of myself more,” Irion said.

Irion wears her heart on her sleeve, and enjoys connecting with people on more than a superficial basis. Her unique quirks make it easy for people to feel comfortable and relaxed when conversing with her. “She’s a very supportive person and looks on the bright side of every situation which is something everybody needs in their lives,” close friend River Heide said.

“Having my first real job at nine years old made a huge impact on my life,” Irion went on, “fully understanding the value of a dollar and how to be independent at a young age set me up to succeed on my own.” Irion has been paying bills, balancing school, work, and friends since she moved out at the age of 16. “I can honestly say my mom and grandmother inspire me in my daily life– my work ethic is better because of them.”

Young adults like Irion have more going for them than just their creative outlook on life and musical abilities; they also possess their eccentric personalities and traits. On top of “jamming out,” listening to records with friends, and spending time with Jude, “the coolest dog ever,” she plans to spend her first two years outside of high school getting her basics out of the way at Sheridan College, then going into advertising. She finds interests in the science behind what makes people interested in certain things and the way to persuade people through art forms.

Irion is the daughter of Andy Irion and Stephanie Moore.