Musical SHS senior tickles the ivories


Lexys Flannery

Senior James Malles takes a break from band to pose for a photo.

For anyone that has ever spoken to James Malles, his personality obviously shines through. He is an arrangement of adjectives: outstanding, exuberant, funny. James is someone that people tend not to forget after having a conversation with him.

He is a gifted musician, and he expresses himself through his music. He often posts musical performances on his Facebook page, including original works and covers of other artists’ songs. His most recent post includes a cover of “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster the People.

“I can play the trumpet, flute, piano, guitar, voice, ukulele, and the banjo,” Malles said in regards to his musical talents. “The piano is my favorite. Just look at all the keys. You’ve a lot to work with.”

Upon being asked what his favorite piece to play to play on the piano is, he said, “Right now, I have this waltz by Chopin; it’s super fast and it looks super impressive but it’s not even that hard.”

What would Malles’ life be like without the piano? “I would literally just waste time,” Malles said. “When I’m not studying or practicing, I’m on Instagram, Facebook, and Netflix. I would literally do nothing. I would not be productive.” He will be furthering his love of music at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, Wash. in the fall of 2016.

Thanks to the piano, Malles’ creativity has heightened and he hopes to tour the United States and Europe after high school to play music for people. However, he does not want to play just any type of music, he wants to play what he called “real music,” which is not something like dubstep which is made with a computer. “I want to play and actually have talent and help people and let them enjoy music,” said Malles. He wants to present this talent to his audience, saying, “Here’s this thing that I’m giving you, enjoy.”

Not only is James involved with and influenced by music, but he is also an active participant in the classroom. “James is an intellectually curious student who I enjoy bantering with on questions of constitutional application,” said government teacher Tyson Emborg.

“James is very fun to have in the classroom, very talented, very bright. He can usually find something funny to say or do to keep us all amused,” said Band Director Diane Knutson.

Malles is the son of Tina Brown.