Deutscher anticipates Air Force Academy


Photo Courtesy Sharon Deutscher

Senior Hannah Deutscher has been very involved in her community as a Big Sister and a member of We the People and National Honor Society.

  When she’s not competing in track, softball, or working on assignments for her four AP classes, senior Hannah Deutscher enjoys playing video games and occasionally doodling. Deutscher is an avid Minnesota hockey fan and has enlisted into the Air Force. She prepares to leave for basic training in Colorado Springs on June 29, 2017.

  Deutscher is a member of the National Honors Society and works hard to maintain a 3.9 GPA while balancing her free time with her study time. Deutscher finds herself drawn towards the science department at the high school. Taking biology, chemistry, physics, AP Physics, and AP Environmental Science, she explained that everything about science intrigues her interest. “I love the experimentation and how it’s not up for interpretation,” said Deutscher. Through all of Deutscher’s achievements there is one in particular she feels is the most important. “One of the biggest achievements in my life so far is going to nationals for We The People,” she said.

  Joining the Air Force Academy has been one of Deutscher’s biggest goals in life since she was young. “When I was in seventh grade I visited Arlington National Cemetery for an hour long tour and while there, there were seven different funerals,” she said. “I always knew I wanted to help people when I got older. After visiting I thought to myself, why not help these guys get home to their families?”

  She plans to attend medical school during her enlistment to become a cardiologist, but possibly major in biology as a replacement if she changes her mind. “Ever since I was little I wanted to become a doctor,” she said. One of her goals during her time in the service is to jump out of a plane and place in the top 3 percent of her class during her enlistment to have the chance to attend med school.

  Additionally, Deutscher has played softball her entire life. She describes her favorite position as catcher. “The catcher is the only player who can see the entire field and know everything that is happening, sometimes before it happens,” said Deutscher. Although she finds joy playing softball, she also likes throwing in indoor and outdoor track. Her favorite is the discus because of the grace it requires and how the player needs to have technique and fluid body movements. She has been competing in track for eight years. When she was younger, Deutscher participated in dance for eight years until she tried out for volleyball and found a new passion in the sport.

  She also interns at Big Brothers Big Sisters, the Welch Cancer Center, and Bighorn Mountain Heart Center: “I’ve been a Big Sister since last year and I really enjoyed my time with that program,” she said. “ I look forward to my time with my Little each week.” Her internship with Welch Cancer Center is a personal experience because of a recent issue with her family.  Deutscher said,  “I just had an uncle diagnosed with cancer, and I really wanted to know more about cancer and heart disease to be able to understand how to help others who are faced with these life situations.”

  Deutscher wants to travel more and gain many new experiences. She has traveled to Europe where she visited Poland and Lithuania. She’s traveled to Washington. D.C. twice, to Minnesota to watch a baseball game, and a special visit to Frankenmuth, Mich. to see a true German town. She’s also going to the Virgin Islands for spring break of 2017.

 One of the major influences on Deutscher’s life is her mentor, David Rojo, who taught her to always stay busy because it will help her stay out of trouble. Rojo said that by staying busy, she would be happier and have the chance to make other people happy as well. “I think that’s why I live such a busy lifestyle now. He was always happy, so I thought that by following him it would make me happy.”

  Having a strong family bond and support system is an advantage to Deutscher’s everyday life. She is very close with her sister and brother and looks after them since she is the eldest. From family movie night with pizza to spending a couple weeks out of the year in Colorado Spring with her grandparents, the Deutschers carry out traditions and maintain a strong relationship among every one of them. Deutscher’s mother Sharon Deutscher said, “Hannah has worked very hard these past few years to accomplish her goals in life, to attend the US Air Force, make a positive impact on her friends, and remain faithful to her belief system. It has been difficult and at times impossible, but Hannah has a never given up on herself or her beliefs which her dad, brother, sister, and I are very proud of her for doing. We cannot wait to see what will happen to Hannah in the future.”

  Deutscher is the daughter of Jon and Sharon Deutscher.