Songer learns life lessons through playing volleyball


Mindy Songer spikes ball over net in high school volleyball game. (Photo courtesy Gretchen McCafferty)

Senior Mindy Songer has been playing volleyball for many years. Over this period of time, she has learned how the athletics department is a place where students can connect with one another and where they can compete against other teams from around the state. She has also learned how sports can help her strive to be the best she can, both on and off of the court.

As said before, Songer has been playing volleyball for a good portion of her life. She started playing the game when she was in the fourth grade and her parents were the ones who got her interested in playing. “My mom is really big into physical activity,” Songer said. “Because of the health benefits and she just likes that I’m involved in something.”

Songer said that she’s kept with the sport because she realized how much she enjoyed playing after she started. “I kind of fell in love with it,” Songer said. “Just like the camaraderie and what it feels like to win, and what you learn when you lose.” Songer also said that she enjoys “feeling like I belong; like being part of a team. It’s a pretty cool experience; you create a lot of memories. That wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t play the sport.”

She is also a very positive thinker; when her team wins a game, the feeling is, “Really happy,” Songer said. “It’s a shared happiness with your team.”  This season, the Lady Broncs did not place at regionals, however, Songer did not allow that to cloud her mindset and, instead, focused on the good. “We didn’t get the result that we wanted,” Songer said, “but we had a lot of fun along the way and we really improved and got closer as a team and we really overcame a lot of adversity this year.”

On the volleyball court, Songer plays as a middle-blocker. A middle-blocker is a player who is positioned close to the net between two outside-blockers, and whose job is to block sets from the opposing team. “My job is to block every ball, and occasionally hit,” Songer began. “The satisfaction of getting a block, and probably like the leadership role that it kind of is,” is the aspect that Songer finds most enjoyable about playing her position.

Outside of volleyball, Songer is also a member of the Sheridan High School   National Honor Society, where leadership is one of the four pillars along with scholarship, character, and service. Being a member of the National Honor Society means that leadership, scholarship, character, and service are all things that Songer works on excelling at.

Songer said that she has also been able to become a better person by being involved in volleyball. “I had to come out of my shell,” Songer said. “I used to be really shy and like really quiet. So that’s changed because you have to be loud and step up to the plate in this sport.”  She has triumphed over her shyness by involving herself in a productive activity.

Not only has Songer stepped up to the plate in her court, but playing has also allowed her to make good connections with other athletes. “[Volleyball] has also created a lot of the relationships I have today with people – especially my teammates,” Songer began. “We are all super close because we’ve played together for so long and because we were able to connect with the sport.”

Outside of volleyball, Songer enjoys being in the outdoors. “I enjoy hiking, fishing, going to Moab, and off-roading.” Songer enjoys doing these activities with her dad and spending time with him.

Mindy is the daughter of Brian and Moana Songer.