Moodry finds success in track and academics


Moodry positions herself on the starting block. (Photo courtesy Theresa Meuer)

  Moving during one’s high school career is always very stressful, especially when the move is to said persons hometown rival. Yet, senior Kelly Moodry has taken an optimistic approach to her move from Gillette, Wyo this summer.

  Moodry moved from Gillette because of her mother’s job, and through her journey, she has found many accomplishments in sports. She has participated in not only track, but swimming, soccer, basketball, and volleyball throughout her career. Though Moodry spends a fair amount of time practicing, she stays focused on her education. “I have strived to be the best student-athlete I can be, so the classroom has always came first in my eyes,” said Moodry. It is this mentality that has helped her achieve a 4.0 GPA.

  Training never stops for Moodry, and she is often practicing twice a day. During her season she attends optional morning practices about three to five times a week. These consist of building mileage or weight training. “Sheridan Track and Field incorporates lifting workouts after our running workouts multiple times throughout the week,” said Moodry. “Running makes me feel in control of my thoughts and emotions. It frees the everyday stress.” Moodry sticks to looking at the bigger picture to reach her goals. “Although it feels good to win; winning is not everything,” said Moodry. Though her seasons are only during winter and fall, Moodry does not stop training in the summer.

  The atmosphere in Sheridan is something Moodry enjoys. She loves how the mountains are so close. Not only does she love the view, but she has come to love how close everyone is in the little town. “The smaller teams are a lot more tight-knit, and it feels more like a family,” she said. Running has helped Moodry find her identity, show people her full potential, and inspire other runners coming from small towns. “It doesn’t matter what the climate or your circumstances are; what matters is your heart and how far you want to compete,” said Moodry.

  Starting off the year, Moodry took part in the girl’s varsity swim team. She started her swimming career in eighth grade after her doctors recommended swimming as rehab for a concussion caused during basketball. “I don’t think they really took into factor how rigorous high school swimming actually is, but once you start swimming you can’t stop,” said Moodry. Swimming became Moody’s break from running due to the fact that she did not want to put too much effort into running and burn herself out. “I love the team environment, it’s like no other sport,” she said. Pushing herself, Moodry found her weaknesses in this sport and strengthened her mental and physical abilities. This past year Moodry managed to place seventh at state in the 50-meter freestyle. In swimming, she also found that every single person on the team matters, saying ”Even though I only placed seventh, I was still a huge part of the team.”

   She may have finished her final season of swimming, but she is not quite finished with high school sports. Currently, she is in her track season, which she has found success in the past. Her freshman and sophomore year she placed second in the 400-meter at state. This alone powered her to push harder, and her junior year she quit basketball to pursue indoor track. “This helped prepare me more outdoor, and I think that was a really good career change for me,” said Moodry. This decision played in Moody’s favor and in her junior year she broke the state indoor track 400-meter record, won the 800-meter, and won the 4×400 relay. In outdoor track, Moodry placed second in the 800-meter and received best of the best in the 400-meter, the 200-meter, and the 4×400.

  Moodry mentioned how working hard in the classroom helped her decide on which college she will be attending next fall. Not only has she received athletic scholarships, but she has been offered academic ones too. At the moment, Moodry plans to major in exercise science and kinesiology at Boise State University in Boise, Idaho, where she has received a full ride. She has found a love for working with prosthetics. Along with her studies, Moodry will continue to run track for Boise. Moodry gives credit to her parents who have helped her through her journey, and she mentions that she has been blessed with several great coaches. “My goal is to grow as an athlete and a student,” said Moodry. She is excited to go on and create new relationships that will last for life. “At the end of the day I am blessed with all of the amazing people that my sport has brought into my life,” said Moodry. “Life is so much bigger than winning a race.”

  Kelly is the daughter of Sean and Shannon Moodry.