Pitcher prepares for school musical and college career


Brooks plans to play baseball his first four years of college. (Photo courtesy Kelly Campbell)

  Many high school students cherish their freetime outside of school and want as much of it as they can get. But Quinton Brooks is completely use to all of his time being taken up with all of his extracurricular activities. Between performing in dramas, football, school, and practicing for his senior year of baseball, Brooks is constantly busy. While doing his busy work Brooks is always looking at what he can do for others and what everyone else can contribute to the activity.

  Not only does he look at what others bring to the plate, but he loves to throw fast balls over home plate in his favorite sport of thirteen years: baseball. Brooks is one of the starting pitchers for the Sheridan American Legion baseball team and is looking to go to college on a sports scholarship to either Tabor college in Kansas or the Colorado Christian university in Denver, Colo.

  Brooks love for the sport of baseball came from his for people. Besides the people on his team, Brooks likes the mental challenges he faces with pitching. Rather than it being as simple as just throwing the ball over the plate, he thinks of it more as a challenge that needs a strategic approach. He goes up to the mound with the mindset of how is he going to strike them out. Brooks said, “I need to go after the batter and pound it.”

  Currently, Brooks only has time to practice for baseball in between the rehearsals for the school musical, “The Boyfriend.” Brooks has the role of Tony who is the love interest of Polly, the other protaganist.

  Brooks has had a lead role in the school drama now for three years, with more of a supporting role his freshman year. He has been practicing drama from a very young age starting when his mom took him to audition for a part in the play “Music Man.” Brooks received a small role in the play and really enjoyed it. As I asked more and more questions about what Brooks liked most about performing, the aspect of being around others and meeting new people was something he was truly passionate about. Production and his fellow                                                          actors helped his affection for drama grow which lead him to continue performing in dramas throughout the years.

  Besides the people that surround him during production, Brooks admires what it takes to fit into a character and what it takes to bring a character to life. Also, Brooks said, “It brings out my more playful side.”

  Another sport that brings out the opposite of his playful side is football. Brooks said, “Football helped build my grit over the course of the season.” Brooks played defensive end and really cherished the brotherhood and camaraderie of the Broncs. He also enjoyed bringing Christianity into the sport with the team making a prayer before every game.

  With all of these extracurricular activities, some might think school would not be a top priority for him, but Brooks looks at school with a completely different outlook than most. He views school as an opportunity and something that others have given to him. With this mindset, Brooks is extremely thankful for the opportunity and chance to set a solid foundation for the rest of his life. Brooks plans to make all the money and time that others put into the school system completely worth it. He is currently taking many advanced placement classes as well as an intern at the hospital where he is learning more about what he would like to do with his future.

  He is very certain of what he would like to do after high school but is unsure of what he would like to do in the medical field. Brooks plans to go to college off of a scholarship using baseball for his first four years and then plans to use the WWAMI (Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, Idaho) program to go to Washington to pursue his goal of joining their pre-med program. He is also hoping to find exactly what he would like to do in the medical field during his first two years there. One of his big reasons for wanting to be one of the thousands of doctors and surgeons in the country is to give back and help others.

  Surprisingly, Brooks has some free time everyone once in a while and loves to use it to go hunting and to make memories with his close friends. He also enjoys to cook and surprise people with goodies that he makes for fun.

  Brooks is the son of Brent and Jeannie Brooks.