Senior soccer player strives for dental career


Schellinger’s last year of soccer has created different bonds between coaches and players. (Photo courtesy Stender Penrose)

  Cassidy Schellinger is a straight-A student who is in a variety of clubs, and is known for getting involved within the school. Currently, Schellinger is in Sources of Strength, Big Brothers Big Sisters, National Honors Society, the Student Council, and The Fellowship of Christian Athletes, so her week is usually hectic. Schellinger is stuck in the middle about graduating. “I am kind of excited about graduation, but then again I do not want to grow up,” said Schellinger.

  Schellinger has also been involved in a multitude of sports throughout her high school career, including soccer and track. She has been in soccer since kindergarten and now plays a significant role on the varsity team. The team has not played much so far this year, but she already enjoys it because she likes the new coach.

  “I was skeptical at first; I have never had Kevin Rizer as a coach before, and I have never played with all these underclassmen,”  Schellinger said. “Plus we are on the top as seniors, so we are supposed to be the leaders. But we’ve been very accepting and it’s been going well so far.”

   This season is her third year playing center back defender on varsity and  she is one of the three girls that do not typically get subbed off, so she plays up to 80 minutes on the field each game. “Our record is not the best as a team, but we have really come together,” said Schellinger. “I believe that in the future we can make those scores go up.”

  Soccer has been a major part of Schellenger’s life, but she is not looking to play in college. “It’s kind of bittersweet,” she said. “I am glad to move on to bigger and better things, but at the same time I know that I will miss it.” She is hoping to do YMCA recreational leagues and other activities that involve soccer.

  Other than soccer, Schellinger also did indoor track. This season was her first time running track and her first time competing in such an individual sport. Schellinger mostly ran the 200 meter and long jumped, and she had a chance to go to state but came up with the flu right before. “I loved the coaches and actually started enjoying running,” Schellinger said. “I told myself I would never run track, but senior year I decided it was never too late to try new things,”

  Other hobbies she enjoys are hiking and working at the Kendrick ice cream stand. She mostly loves hiking up the Tongue River Canyon but has hiked in many other places too. She also has loved working at the Kendrick ice cream stand for four years.

  Mostly she likes hanging out with her friends and having dance parties, cooking chocolate chip cookies and puppy chow, and watching scary movies with her friends.

  “One time we made fudge and it boiled over and was all over my stove and Cassidy just kept making noises and couldn’t get the words out that it was spilling,” said senior Katie Tomlinson, Schellenger’s good friend. “It was so funny because she kept freaking out.”

   Shcellinger has many other great memories such as sneaking into the front row at a Jason Derulo concert with senior Kaylee Abernatha.

  Schellinger is very close with her older brother Cody and found him to be a major role model in her life. They have been very close siblings since they were young. “I have always wanted to be like him,” said Schellinger. “Because we are the only two kids, and seven years apart, we have learned to live with each other and love each other always. We were raised that way.” Cody is also a main reason she got into soccer. “He has played varsity soccer all four years and was an All-state defender and I have always wanted that,” she said. “That is one of my goals. He pushes me to be the best and tries to teach me to stay away from his mistakes but encourages me to make my own.”

  Schellinger wants to go to college at Sheridan College and become a dental hygienist in the future. “You look at a person and you notice their eyes, and then you notice their smile, and I have always been into a nice smile,” said Schellinger. “I think that if I am able to brighten someone else’s smile it could boost their confidence and make their day.”

  She is known to be outgoing and gets along with everyone. “She is the type of person to put others before herself,” said Abernatha. “I have been friends with Cassidy for a long time and I can definitely say she is a good person to have in your life.”

  Schellinger is the daughter of Cheryl and Jim Schellinger.