Shosten prepares for bright future in art education


Senior Bryson Shosten looks ahead to the University of Wyoming to pursue a degree in art education. (Photo courtesy Kate Seurer)

 Throughout his high school career, Bryson Shosten has been consistently involved within the visual arts community both in and outside of school. Some of the classes Shosten has been involved in include art unwrapped, studio art, and ceramics. Not only has Shosten shown talent in the classroom, but he has participated in many art shows within the community at places such as Sage Art and the Brinton.

  Shosten has sold some of his pieces through various art galleries such as Sage Art. Additionally, “every year that I have taken my artwork down to the state art show, I have gotten blue ribbons,” said Shosten. The whole concept around the blue ribbons is the interest that viewers have while interacting with specific artwork. To break it down, his freshman year he entered one piece, getting one ribbon in return. Sophomore year there was no show, due to the impact COVID-19 had on the community during that year. Last spring, four of his six drawings received the award.

  Although Shosten enjoys more two-dimensional arts such as painting, ¨he is pretty talented, not only with the two-dimensional work but with the three-dimensional work,¨ said Bob Hanchett, one art teacher at Sheridan High School. ¨He took my ceramics class last spring, and he was not too sure about it, but now I have him as an advanced ceramics student.¨ Hanchett started teaching art education at the junior high in 2000, later moving to the high school and teaching there ever since. Currently, Hanchett teaches the advanced studio art classes, one beginning studio art class, the beginning ceramics classes, and the advanced ceramics classes.

  Having Shosten in a variety of his classes, Hanchett has noticed ¨he is very committed to his craft; he wants to get better and he wants to improve,¨ said Hanchett. ¨I really admire that as talented as he is he still wants to learn more.¨ On top of that, Bryson is willing to take feedback from both teachers and other students within the class in order to improve his artwork as a whole, as well as giving feedback.

  Overall, Hanchett has seen improvement in both Shosten and himself through the constant challenging of each other. Currently, Shosten is in four of Hanchett´s classes, including two advanced studio art classes and as an independent study student. ¨Just having him that many times throughout the course of the school day, it’s how can I continue to challenge him and get him to reach his full potential before he leaves here,¨ said Hanchett.

  Outside of art, Shosten is involved in many other activities such as competitive swimming. All starting from a swim lesson teacher recommendation, Shosten has been involved in the swimming world, jumping between the Sheridan Swim Team and the boy’s high school team. Although he really enjoyed swimming, Shosten quit for a year and a half after 7th grade due to the lack of enthusiasm and interest for the sport. The slight pause in his swimming career brought him to track; however, he continued to improve while swimming in the off-season, causing him to go back into competitive swimming. This year, Shosten aims to continue his 200-meter freestyle relay success with his team, including Thomas Yates, Senior Benjamin Patten, and Senior Isaac Otto, previously breaking the record with a time of 1.44.94. More individualized, Shosten´s other goal is centered around being the 500-yard freestyle state champion in this upcoming season.

   While Shosten puts the majority of his time in school-oriented activities, ¨I really enjoy hanging out with friends, and I also like to mountain bike,¨ said Shosten. Some of his closest friends include Senior Danika Palmer and Senior Marcus Hale, knowing both of them for quite a long time. 

  Although it is undecided where Shosten wants to go for further education, he is setting his sights on the University of Wyoming due to the various art programs offered and the potential to swim competitively. Specifically, he wants to major in art education and the general arts as well as a business degree, just in case art education does not work out.

  Despite his great experience at Sheridan High School, Shosten is ready to graduate and continue his education further. ¨I am excited to meet new people and be away from my parents,¨ said Shosten, ¨I think it will be a great new experience being away from everyone at home.¨ Overall, he ends his senior year with fond recognition and memories for all that he has learned and completed within the environment of Sheridan, Wyo. 

  Shosten is the son of Rich and Pat Shosten.