Journalism launches website:


Junior Editor Nick Estes works on the new website.

This year, Sheridan High School’s newspaper, the Ocksheperida, launched an online news site,, to go along with the traditional print paper. The traditional paper will still come out in seven issues this year, but the initial focus will be centered on the new online site. Through the online site the Ock will be able to update current sports scores and pictures, news, and features on a daily and weekly basis. “Through the website we’ll be able to expand the media presence of SHS in the community. We’ll be able to post podcasts and post the videos made by the broadcast journalism class,” said instructor Mike Clift.

“It’s a great way to get news out to the public and get more kids interested in journalism,” said second year writer Megan Eisenhauer, “We’ll be able to include more diverse stories and writers will be able to write what they want.” In today’s world, journalism is quickly moving forward with technology and for the Ocksheperida and SHS this is a huge step forward.