SHS prepares for blood drive


Junior McKenzi Turner gets her blood drawn during the blood drive on Thursday at SHS.

The annual SHS Blood Drive will be held this year on Thursday, Oct. 11 from 10:30 – 2:30 in the small gym. Students have until Oct. 10 to sign up to have their blood drawn, but Nurse Kathy Barker encourages anyone who wants to participate to sign up as soon as possible. “The signup list might get full quickly,” Barker said, “We’ve filled up every year prior, so anyone who wants to participate should get on the list right away.” Anyone who wants to donate must be at least sixteen years old, and any minors need to have their parent/guardian sign a permission slip before they can donate.

This year, Barker wants to have at least 50 units of blood drawn to donate. “We always set a goal, and we’ve met our goal every time we’ve held a drive but once.” The drive that wasn’t very successful was held in January of last year, and there was a bug going around that prevented some students from being able to donate. “We try to have at least two to three blood drives a year,” said Barker, “If everyone that was able to give blood in Sheridan would [give] three times a year, there would be no shortage of blood [in Sheridan].” Giving one pint of blood can help save the lives of three individuals; one person could use the platelets, one could use the red blood cells, and one could use the plasma. Barker also wants to remind anyone who is giving blood on the eleventh to eat a healthy meal before they head down to the gym to donate. “Giving blood can make you feel a little weak, but it’s worth it, so eat beforehand,” said Barker.

The next blood drive SHS will hold will be on Jan. 31, 2013, and it will be the annual drive we hold against Gillette to see which of our schools can donate the most units of blood.