Model United Nations opportunity for students to experience global diplomacy


History teacher Adam Metcalf sponsors The Model United Nations organization at SHS.

This year, history teacher Adam Metcalf is offering SHS Students the opportunity to attend the Model United Nations program in Jackson, Wyo. on Nov. 13 and 14.

In this program, Wyoming students will attend a conference in Jackson to simulate the actual events of a routine United Nations conference. Students will represent a country within the United Nations and that country’s views during the conference. This year, SHS Students were given the countries of China, South Africa, Rwanda, and Nigeria.

Metcalf has directed the Model UN Program at his last school, and has plenty of experience with the program. “There is no program that I know of in school that is as efficient or as powerful in teaching kids international relations, diplomacy, and public speaking” said Metcalf. The program also strengthens students’ abilities to research topics and write effectively on them, and is very impressive to colleges when seen on resumes.

SHS Senior Erin Henry, one of the Model UN Student Delegates for this year, said, “I’m really interested to learn what other kids come up with, and the things that we can come up with together, and to see compromises and things that won’t work.”

Currently, the program has over 20 SHS students planning to attend the conference in Jackson, and Metcalf is still looking for more interested students.