SHS food drive brings in a big haul

SHS food drive brings in a big  haul

Vold’s FLC group successfully rallied members of the community to help gather food for this years food drive

The Sheridan High School Annual Food drive was a great success this year. According to Student Body President Michael Rotellini, about 800 pounds of food were collected. An exact count was not available. A competition between clubs and groups was organized in hopes of drawing in more cans. The Freshman Learning Community Group, also known as Link group, won the competition.

Alison Vold’s freshman learning community group responded to the challenge with enthusiasm. The group of thirteen freshman and three leaders originally set a goal to bring ten cans per person. However, the group decided a higher goal could be reached. Vold brought in around forty cans herself. The students tried to get the whole community of Sheridan involved in the cause. Sheridan Upcycle was used to advertise the Food Drive. Some of the students in the group called local businesses for donations. Participating businesses include, Albertsons, Safeway, and First Interstate Bank. Powder River Pizza also donated gift certificates. “It was cool to see everyone get together,” said Vold. Vold’s group of freshmen collected 318.4 pounds of food along with 565 dollars of donations. The combined Freshman Learning Community collected 742.7 pounds of food.

A reward of hot chocolate and a trophy was offered to the winning group. This, however, was not the motivation behind the effort of Vold’s link group. “The feeling of reward should be about giving back and more than winning a trophy,” said Vold.