Sheridan College hosts Financial Aid Student/Parent Night

Sheridan College hosts Financial Aid Student/Parent Night

Students can walk away from Financial Aid Night with thousands of dollars in scholarships.

On Jan. 24, Sheridan College will be holding its annual Financial Aid Student/Parent Night at 6:30 in the Sue Henry Auditorium.

This hour long workshop is designed to answer the questions of students and parents concerning federal financial aid. This workshop will help outline the importance of filing the FAFSA early on in this tax season, as well as discuss federal grants that some students may qualify for and also many scholarships available according to institutions.

This workshop will help students and parents discover the opportunities they have when it comes to paying for college. Although this seminar is orchestrated by Sheridan College, it is not a recruitment tactic and those running the workshop will be able to help all students regarding their federal aid with whichever institution they choose, according to Student Planning Advisor, Ed Fessler. If there are any questions concerning this program, give Fessler a call at 672-2495 ext. 2108.

Along with Financial Aid Night, Heather Gifford will be holding workshop to help students and parents fill out their FAFSA application. These workshops will be held four times during February; for the dates, see Gifford or call her at 672-2495 ext. 2109.