A friendly reminder (which could save you money)


All traffic laws are enforced in the SHS parking lot.

Officer Dan White would like to give a friendly reminder to everyone who attends, works, and visits SHS. Speeding, parking in the visitor parking, avoiding a traffic control device (stop signs) are all against the law. The speed limit on Long Drive from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM is 20 mph. The speed limit in the parking lot is 10 mph.

All traffic rules still apply in the parking lot. The parking area to the East of the main entrance is for visitors only, not students or teachers.   The ticket for parking in visitor parking is $70. The parking between the main entrance and the athletic doors are for visitor buses only, not students, teachers, or parents. The ticket for parking there is also $70.

An example of avoiding a traffic control device is cutting through the Sinclair parking lot, which is a $95 ticket. Tickets are being issued for cutting through their parking lot. “It’s an unsafe practice,” said White. “It is important that teachers, students, and visitors all obey the rules and traffic laws in the parking lot.”

“Overall, students are driving very carefully this year, even with the weather that we have had, and a reminder that it is state law to wear your seat belt while in a motorized vehicle,” said White.