Sheridan beats Gillette in annual blood drive


Sheridan took back the trophy last held in 2011.

Students and staff donated a total of 145 units of blood for the local blood drive held at Sheridan High School on Jan. 31. Winning the trophy for the most blood donated against Gillette for the first time since 2011, the blood drive made a great contribution to the Sheridan community.

There was a great turnout this year with 73 out of the 75 people who signed up to do their part according to SHS nurse Kathy Barker. When asked, Sophomore Rebecca Hokanson said she participated in the blood drive because, “it is an important thing to do because it’s for a good cause.”

One pint of blood can save up to three lives so everyone who signed up made a difference. This is one of the main reasons people decided to overcome their fear of needles and donate.

Overall, this annual event helps to save lives and lends high school students the opportunity to help out in their community.