New indoor ice rink is almost ready for action


Bailey Carlin

Sheridan on Skates Board Vice President Dan Carlin and volunteers around the community came together on Saturday Nov. 21, 2015 to lay ice and begin the process of painting the ice and laying lines. On Nov. 22 the re-grouped and finished laying the lines for the upcoming season.

With heavy construction since May 1, 2015, Sheridan on Skates is planning on an opening date of Dec. 19 at which time the M&M’s Center will open to the public in time for the holidays. The first open skate of the season will begin at 1 p.m. and run all day with time for skaters to get a look around inside and have a chance to test the ice.

Competitive figure skaters and travelling hockey players have been granted early access to the rink for practices but won’t be able to use the locker rooms or inside bathrooms for a while.

Sheridan on Skates Board Vice President Dan Carlin said, “With our new indoor arena, we will be able to host spectators comfortably, play during inclement weather, and host tournaments and events now that it’s more consistent than the previous outdoor rink due to weather.”

The 35,000-square-foot facility will be equipped with six locker rooms, a figure skating room, and a room for coaches and officials. Alongside, there will be hospitality room filled with exercise equipment, a meeting room, a future concessions stand, and space for spectators to watch games, practices, and other events comfortably with overhead heaters above the bleachers.

With excitement due to the outcome of the facility, Carlin explained, “The windows on the south side were a great feature because it still has the view that we have had since we opened in Dec. 2002 which keeps some of the outdoor feel while being indoors.”

After the community reveal in December, full completion of the ice rink plans to be finished by Jan. 8, 2016 for final details. Schedules and more information can be found at throughout the rest of the season.