Homecoming Week descends on Sheridan High School


Gretchen McCafferty

Homecoming Court front row; junior Zane Meyers, freshman Austin Akers and Sydni Bilyue, junior Julia Kutz, sophomores Jenna Sweeny and Reed Rabon. Back row; seniors Stephanie Gonda and Timothy Brown.

   Homecoming is one of the biggest staples of high school, and the Sheridan Broncs know how to bring on the school spirit. After a week of exciting and unique dress-up days as well as inclusive after school competitions, the Sheridan Broncs went head-to-head against Cheyenne South at the annual Homecoming football game.

    Behind the scenes of the homecoming fun, a significant amount of planning and preparing goes on among the students and staff. As usual, Sheridan High School student council spends the weekend decorating almost every inch of the halls in the school colors. “We have to plan out all the little details, from permission slips, decorating and planning a ton of events, to just making sure everything runs smoothly,”  said senior class president Isabelle Cruz. “We had a lot of volunteers come in on Sunday to help us decorate, and it really provided a sense of unity to start off our homecoming week. It’s always cool to see students come together and work towards a common goal.” In addition, the student council also planned dress up days for the week and scheduled after school activities to get students excited for the game.

    Student council also organized the pep rally to be full of interactive activities and school pride. “The pep rally is a great way of getting everyone excited about the upcoming sporting events,” said senior Gage Kirschner, winner of pep rally musical chairs 2019.

   Throughout the week, many competitions were held for those who wished to participate, which brought students together and reminded them of the importance of teamwork. Students kicked off the week on Monday, Sept. 27 with He-Man Volleyball, where students organized teams to represent their grades and scrimmaged in a tournament-style event. “We mostly went off last year’s win to help lead us to victory again,” said Abby Sanders, senior He-Man coach. “I think events like He-Man bring together the student body by including anyone and everyone who wants to come watch or play.” At the end of the night, the senior class went home as He-Man champions. 

   On Tuesday, Sept. 28, the same tournament-style competition occurred after school, switching the roles now with Powder Puff Football. The Sheridan Broncs football players took to the coaching position and aided their teams in flag football games. The underclassmen put up a good fight; however, the seniors still came out on top. 

   Wednesday was the burning of the Bronc head where representatives from each fall sports team made speeches to the student body at the high school, Including football, cross country, girls swimming and tennis. FFA provided food for students while the cheerleaders pepped everyone up and students danced to the music and mingled. 

   On Friday, Oct. 4, the Sheridan Broncs football team played the Cheyenne South Bison. The Broncs held the lead for the entirety of the game, winning 56-0. Quarterback and SHS senior Jacob Boint believes  the coaches teaching the team to focus on the little things at practice has allowed the team ample improvement on the field. “As we approach every week of the season we just try to focus on ourselves and what we can do to make ourselves better,” said Boint. The team has been focusing on thinking of the other teams as faceless opponents, so it does not matter who they play each week. They just train hard and do their very best to prepare for games. This has paid off for them, and it showed at the homecoming game. At halftime, homecoming royalty was crowned for each grade. Timothy Brown and Stephanie Gonda crowned king and queen. “Being King was pretty neat; it was a fun experience,” said Brown. “To me, homecoming can be fun for people who want to have fun with it.” 

   Students closed down the week on Saturday, Oct. 5, with the homecoming dance at Sheridan High School. The semi-formal dance took place in the school cafeteria, with music chosen by DJ Jeff Rickett.

Isabelle Cruz
Seniors Jacob Boint and Garrett Coon stand with their team as they wait to be called in during the homecoming football game.
Isabelle Cruz
Senior He-Man team dominated the freshman A-team on Mon. Sept. 30.
Ashley Cooper
SHS cheer squad leads student body in cheers in front of Sheridan High School at the burning of the bronc ceremony on Wed. Oct. 2.