Christmastime comes to Sheridan’s Main Street


Diomena Mercer

Family and friends walk through the decorated Main Street in downtown Sheridan in celebration of the holiday season.

   On Friday, Nov. 29, the Christmas Stroll once again took place, continuing this festive tradition. Every year in November, right after Thanksgiving day, the citizens of Sheridan look forward to walking down the historic downtown area. Many local businesses all get together to contribute to this evening by providing warm food, hot cocoa, and decorated tractor rides. 

   Even with the frigid weather and icy roads, many people still found themselves walking along the garnished street and visiting the stores. Even good ol’ Santa Claus was making his way through the streets, driving one of the few tractors that was offering rides. Small businesses downtown, such as the Sugar Boot, Java Moon, and even Babe’s Flowers were open to invite customers in from the cold to shop. They do this in order to prepare shoppers for the upcoming seasonal shopping and boost their sales. Grinnell Plaza, complete with trees covered in Christmas lights, had food trucks parked along the sides, offering food and hot chocolate. 

   There were a few different performances that happened throughout the night. Sheridan High School’s Honor Choir got the opportunity to sing Christmas carols at First Interstate Bank from 6:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Current and old Honor Choir members came together to spread the Christmas spirit to a large crowd forming within the bank’s lobby. Even with the slight temperature rise within the bank due to the large amount of people crowding inside, they were in a good mood nonetheless. 

   All in all, it was a festive tradition that brought the community together once again to celebrate the coming of the Christmas holiday. 

Diomena Mercer
Sheridan High School Honor Choir singing Christmas carols and selected winter music pieces at First Interstate Bank with the direction of Ashley Lecholat.
Diomena Mercer
Tractor hay bail rides drove through Main Street, spreading the Christmas spirit and creating fun opportunities for the whole family.