The Ultimate Photo Bomb: Picture Day 2013

Seniors buy nice clothes, pay handsome fees, and spend hours on their hair just to achieve the perfect senior picture for their final year book. So, why are we denied our one day of picture fun?

On Sep. 12, the delight of many seniors was crushed when they were forced to toss away their fun outfits and silly accessories to take the school photos they had looked forward to.

School photos are used, of course, for the yearbook– these photos are replaced with submitted senior photos throughout the year– but otherwise they’re used for photo ID school cards. However, most seniors are particularly known by staff members; it’s not entirely essential for them to have perfect photos for their IDs, considering their name is on the ID anyway.

Ultimately, the refusal to allow seniors their fun on picture day is an exaggeration of its consequences. Nobody is going to care that much if a senior’s wearing a pair of silly glasses in her picture, or holding up her hand in a peace sign. Picture day can be grueling– the backdrops aren’t oustanding, the process is awkward, and the pictures rarely turn out as something that makes a student proud of his or her face. After 11 years of this, shouldn’t seniors be allowed one day to have fun?