Why skiing is better than snowboarding


Skiing is fun for all ages, young and old. Skiing is popular in 80 countries around the world and has been around for centuries. It’s not likely to “fade out.”

“I love that it’s outside, and skiers can go places other people can’t,” junior Kaycen Townsend said.

Skiing first started in Russia, and today France, Austria, and the USA each have around 3,000 ski lifts.

Recently (relative to the history of skiing) snowboarders have started to infest ski slopes. Snowboarding is the so-called “cooler” sport, but it’s really not that cool falling on your butt every couple feet. Granted, there are accomplished snowboarders, but most of the time when people get off the ski lift they see snowboarders falling all over themselves and everyone else getting in and out of their bindings. If that’s now enough, snowboarders stop the lift every ten minutes because they fall while getting off. How often do you see skiers doing these things?

Style has always been a big part of skiing because the brighter the colors the more noticeable you are. Snowboarders have “style,” but if you’re looking for bright colors, go back to the 90s. Skiers were dressed in wool leggings, boot gators, and one-piece ski outfits. Today you can find skiers bringing back the traditions. “Say no to day glow” is no longer a saying. On the slopes you can see one-piece ski outfits and enough color to make the slopes look like a garden. Snowboarding styles? Baggie pants, big jackets, and no helmet: is this an elegant winter sport or a homeless convention. You can look trashy or flashy.

And the biggest issue with snowboarding is safety. Aboutsports.com says that safety is a main reason why snowboarders are being restricted from some slopes. Today there are three ski resorts in America that ban snowboarding. Deer Valley and Alta Ski Resort (both in Utah) and Mad River Glen in Vermont don’t allow snowboarding. Some people say these ski resorts don’t allow a family of skiers and snowboarders to have fun, but wouldn’t you rather have your children safe from reckless behavior?