Tennis finishes strong


The SHS tennis team gives one final chant at home with the seniors.

The SHS girl’s tennis team took second place for the last few years and this year was no different. The girl’s team once again finished second while the boy’s finished third. The team traveled to the Gillette Camplex last weekend for the state tournament and finished strong, coming out with the first SHS state champions of the year.

Junior Reed Ritterbusch placed first in the singles competition at state this year. “We are very happy with how we finished,” said Ritterbusch, “we reached our goal of top three.” Ritterbusch has been playing for five years. “I wasn’t really sure I could do it at first, but then after I won the first match I knew I could,” said Ritterbusch. Ritterbusch said he plans on playing his senior year and believes the team will continue to grow.

Freshmen Julia Fenn is new to the SHS team and won the girls singles title at state. “During the match I was just focused on getting every point I could,” said Fenn, “it was easy with my team cheering me on.”

Seniors Hailey Ligocki and Rachel Wood won the the girl’s doubles title.

“Rachel is like my best friend,” said Ligocki “it’s so easy to communicate with each other.”

Ligocki and Wood started playing as a doubles team one week before regionals. “When we got down on ourselves we could talk each other out of it,” said Wood, “it was really neat.”

“We all grew as a team this year,” said Fenn, “we were all excited for each other, and supported each other every step of the way.” Fenn, as well as many other SHS tennis players, hope to repeat their performances next year, and make personal and team improvements.