Boy’s basketball looking to bounce back after loss to Gillette

The bench players look on in dismay with Coach Smith as the losing game winds down.

After a 72-62 loss to the Gillette Camels on Friday, Feb. 7, SHS Boy’s basketball drop from 2nd to 3rd with a record of 3-2 in conference play, while dropping to 4th in the state. When the Broncs moved the ball, good things happened, but an excess of turnovers due to the Camel’s unrelenting full court press kept the Camels hot from the get-go. After keeping Gillette in the game for almost four quarters of play, the Broncs allowed them to slip past in the final minutes to go home with the win, despite a 24 point game by senior Reed Ritterbusch.

With regionals and state on the horizon the Bronc basketball squad looks to start the second half of the regular season off with wins against South and Laramie. The Broncs have bested both teams once already this season with scores of 63-50 and 73-53 respectively. Despite the 13 point deficit last game, the team is not ready to overlook the upcoming Bison team. “South is always dangerous, we beat them twice [last season] but then they beat us in regionals and we didn’t even go to state,” said Senior Trae Kaufman. South managed to only lose to East, by 3 points, putting up more points against the Thunderbirds than the Broncs managed to. “We know that they have probably worked on some new things and are getting ready for us, they will want to beat us because we beat them.” said junior Cody Williams

The Broncs only have two more weekends before regionals comes around and need to win all 5 games to get the automatic bid into state. The team has no doubt in their ability to do so, despite facing both Gillette and East, who are responsible for the Bronc’s two conferences losses already this season. “Coach always says that our biggest weakness is ourselves, it’s never really the other team that beats us it’s our mistakes that end up helping the other team,” said Kaufman “so I’d say we beat ourselves any loss we’ve had.”