SHS swimming: record breaking year

  The boys swim team made history at Kelly Walsh’s meet in Casper on Jan. 24. The boys 200 freestyle relay set a new record of 1.47.38 seconds.

   The record has not been broken since 1998. The winning relay team includes freshman Oscar Patten, sophomore Jacob Alstrohm, and juniors Jacob Eckard and Presley Felker.

    “We were aware of the record; we had noticed it earlier that week, and we had been trying to break it the entire weekend. It was something we were striving for,” junior Jacob Eckard said.

   After the buzzer sounded and the team saw the time they had earned, the excitement coming from Sheridan’s team was undeniable.

   There was another race to swim, but the swimmers did not deny themselves the excitement that they had earned.

  The boys weren’t done there, as they then broke their own record with a time of 1.45.38 at the Sheridan home meet on Feb. 6.   

   This time, senior Zach Ahlstrom replaced his brother on the team.   

   Not only will the Sheridan team be remembered as those who beat the 1998 record, but also as the team that broke the record twice in 2015.