The benefits and traditions of hunting

Locals in the Sheridan community are cleaning their guns and buying licenses for the hunting seasons opening around the winter months. Pheasant season opened on November 7th, deer season opened on Nov. 1, and antelope season opened on October 1st.

Hunting is a beneficial sport to the environment and is a family tradition of many in Wyoming. Without hunting there is a threat of overpopulation of species. The money from buying the licenses supports the conservation of wildlife.  Hunting also helps to bring families together in ways like being able to spend time together and bond over a shared interest.

The money from the licenses, tags, and stamps sold is the primary source of funding for most state wildlife conservation. State wildlife agencies gain income through the sales of licenses, tags, and stamps based on land area and the number of licensed hunters.

Each state has different requirements and standards for hunting licenses. One of the requirements in Wyoming is anyone born after Jan. 1, 1966 needs to take a Hunter’s Safety course. Hunter’s Safety is a required course all hunters must take to learn about the safety and precautions of hunting and about firearm safety Young hunters gain more information on how to clean game, correct gun safety, safety tips about hunting in general.

Sheridan High school junior, Behley Malkuch, has been hunting with her grandpa, grandma, and father for as long as she can remember. She said hunting brings her family together “because I get to spend time with my family members and I get to help provide for my family.” Malkuch hunts elk, deer, moose, bighorn sheep, sage grouse, and pheasant. Her favorite game is elk.

Sheridan High school junior, Spencer Longhurst, has been hunting since he was twelve years old. “It’s a pretty fun family activity,” Longhurst said about hunting whitetail and mule deer with his father.  “My dad and I usually don’t have much time to spend together, so when we hunting, we bond.”

Hunting helps with preserving both the environment and the tradition of spending time with your family and providing for them.