“12 Angry Jurors” takes stage tonight!


Sam Sanders

Senior Dylan Lindly separates a fight between two co-stars in the SHS production of Twelve Angry Jurors.

“What happened to “12 Angry Men”?” many students asked when they heard the title of this fall’s drama club production, “12 Angry Jurors.”

Though the story itself has not been changed, the name change was merely a publisher’s decision made when the story was adapted for the stage, said director Aaron Odom. At the time the original teleplay was made (1954), it was not uncommon for a jury to be composed entirely of men. Since times have changed, it is more appropriate to be politically correct and open to the casting of women.

“I got exactly the cast I wanted,” Odom said enthusiastically. Even though there are twelve different character-types to cast, Odom feels that each actor was cast as a character not far from their own character-type. No one’s really acting, Odom said. “They took to this like ducks to water.”

Despite having only six weeks to rehearse, both Odom and the cast are excited for the performances. “The emotion is going to be really high and it’s going to run smoothly,” said actress Morgan Parker.

If anything will go wrong, “Juror Number 8 will mess up his monologues,” joked actor Dylan Lindly, who plays Juror Number 8.

Evening showings will be tonight through Friday, starting at 7:30. There will also be a 2:00 matinee on Sunday.