Rumors about rules: fiction vs. fact


photo Illustration Marissa Hegy

New rules or new rumors?

When a new principal takes the reins of a school, rumors and expectations often form, and Sheridan High School is no exception. New SHS principal Brent Leibach has new ideas to make the school better and said, “Student learning is my number one focus, followed closely by student safety.” However, many of these ideas for change are not as drastic as many rumors suggest.


RUMOR #1: The school is going to ban cell phones from the building.

     FICTION– The rules about cell phones are the same as last year. Students are not

allowed to have their phones out during classes, but are allowed to have them during

passing periods and lunch. This rule applies to the hallways; students cannot have

their phone out in the hallway during class (e.g. on a trip to the bathroom). Cell

phones are allowed in some classrooms for educational purposes, such as recording for

newspaper interviews and calculating in physics.


RUMOR #2: The school is not going to let students have backpacks in classrooms.

     FICTION– This was considered at the beginning of the year, but rejected because

Leibach and teachers agree that students have too many books and too little time

between class to go back and forth to their lockers between passing periods.

Backpack clutter in classrooms can be solved by designating areas in the classroom

for students to place bags.


RUMOR #3: Students are not going to have Early Out Fridays anymore.

FICTION– Students had Early Out last week on Friday, Sep. 12. The only change for

Early Out is that students with multiple D’s and F’s will be assigned to specific

classrooms for part of the Early Out time.


RUMOR #4: Students are not going to get sent home if they get a dress code violation.

FACT– In order to maximize student learning, which is Leibach’s main goal, students

who violate the dress code and do not have clothing to change into will be issued a

piece of appropriate clothing from the office. Students will not miss school because of


Leibach and the SHS staff are brainstorming solutions to solve present issues, which is how many rumors got started, but most are not acted upon. If students have questions or concerns about new rules or happenings in the school, they are welcome to visit with Leibach: “I like to watch, listen, and talk to students, parents, and teachers to see what is best for all.”