Track prepares Sullivan for life beyond Sheridan


Sullivan looks to schools outside of Wyoming such as Black Hills State University. (Photo courtesy Gretchen McCafferty)

   Senior Hanah Sullivan has many important roles both in and out of Sheridan High School, and she sets out to beat her past accomplishments and set new goals each time. People throughout the community here in Sheridan thrive because of people like Sullivan. She takes the initiative to not only be a great athlete and student but a great human being.

      Sullivan has been in the student council since freshman year. She was previously the student body treasurer; however, this year she is the executive media specialist, a very important role with the use of social media, including Instagram and Twitter, among high school students as well as members of the community throughout Sheridan. Sullivan is also a key member of the National Honor Society, where she serves as the executive treasurer. Sullivan was in We the People and was a part of the victorious state team last school year. She makes time to be both an outstanding athlete, as well a leader and role model. The Bob Warmack Award was earned by the unit that Sullivan was a part of. Immersing herself in so many school activities, as well as having a leadership role in each, gives Sullivan a sense of pride. “Being involved in the school has been a big part of my high school experience,” said Sullivan, “It’s what made my time here feel so meaningful.” A big part of the whole high school experience is simply being engaged in it. 

   Sullivan is also a member of Spectrum, the elite choir at SHS. Sullivan has an unmatched passion for singing. With the voice of an angel and the heart of one too, Sullivan is a blessing to everyone she meets.

   Sullivan is currently interning at the junior high school with 6th grade world history teacher Josh Teeter. Still being in high school, therefore much younger than a majority of teachers at the junior high, Sullivan has been able to connect with the students on a different level. She understands the whole junior high environment still and the students can connect with lingo and slang. Sullivan and Teeter have gotten the opportunity of working together over the past couple of years as Teeter is also the coach for the Sheridan High School throwers for both indoor and outdoor track. 

   Sullivan began participating in track and field her freshman year as a sort of filler sport between the fall and spring volleyball seasons, but she soon fell in love with the sport. The track team was an environment entirely different from anything else Sullivan had ever experienced. “Track has helped me be more comfortable in my own skin and about my own abilities,” said Sullivan. In many other sports, it is not so much about the individual’s abilities as it is about the team as a whole; however, in track, and throwing especially, it really is up to each athlete to put it all out there in the ring or on the track. Track is all about competing with each athlete’s past records, they simply try to beat themselves each meet. That is one of the things that makes track so unique and really makes it so special and meaningful for Sullivan.

   Teeter has grown to be very fond of the young athlete; she is like a daughter to him. “I am so proud of how far she has come, this season especially,” said Teeter. “She has a work ethic like no other. That is what is pushing her further than anyone else.”

   Avery Sullivan, younger sister to the senior role model, has always looked up to her. Avery followed in her sister’s footsteps and chose to participate in both track and choir, two crucial elements of Sullivan’s life. It gives the two of them something to do together and bond over.

   Sports are a big part of high school for Sullivan, and as sad as she is to leave it all behind, she also looks forward to what her future brings. Sullivan is currently undecided on where she wishes to attend college, but the strongest contender for her seems to be Black Hills State University.

   Hanah Sullivan is the daughter of Jenny and Bruce Sullivan.