SHS Homecoming provides a plethora of activities


Kaelin Harding

During the homecoming pep-assembly, sophomore students race to beat not only the other grades, but the teachers as well.

Seniors face the freshman during He-man Volleyball homecoming event. (Bailey Ferree )

He-man Volleyball

   He-man volleyball has been a significant homecoming tradition at Sheridan High School for many years now, and this year did not disappoint. 

   During the event, the four different grades split up to compete for the glory. There was lots of energy and excitement, not only in the games but within the crowd surrounding the court as well. 

   In the first round of the tournament, the sophomores lost to the juniors and the seniors defeated the freshman. In the next round, the seniors came back after losing the first set to the juniors and beat them in the sudden death set. The seniors stayed dominant by winning against all of the students, but when it came to playing the staff, they did not have much success. The staff rolled through the seniors. Once again, the staff got to sleep well that night knowing they still got it in them.  

   He-man is a valuable homecoming event that includes all the hype and competitiveness a school could bring, but at the end of the day, it just brings everyone closer and brings much joy to all students and staff.

Avery McMullen aims to score a touchdown for the sophomore class during the annual Powderpuff game. (Courtesy Ashley Cooper)

Powderpuff Football

   Homecoming week at Sheridan High School includes not only in-school activities and assemblies but also activities outside of the classroom, such as the Powderpuff football game.

   Powderpuff is a football game where the grades compete for the coveted title of first place. The student council puts on the event, planning it before Homecoming week. The guys on the SHS football team coach the girls from their grade who sign up to play.    

   There are some differences between Powderpuff and real football games, however. For instance, the girls play flag football, helping the school avoid injuries while playing. Also, they split the field in half, so each grade can play each other at the same time. Usually, the seniors start out by playing the freshman, and the juniors play the sophomores. In the championship this year, the juniors and the seniors were competing for first place. The seniors successfully defeated the juniors in a sudden death round. 

   Powderpuff is a great way for the students in each grade to bond together and enjoy their school’s activities, considering so many students want to participate. 

The Broncs beat the Laramie Plainsmen with a score of 55-6 during the homecoming game. (Kaelin Harding)
Seniors Evan Feck and Brooke Larsen are crowned as 2022 Homecoming King and Queen on the night of the football game against Laramie. (Kaelin Harding)

Homecoming Games

   Homecoming week this year was much earlier than most. For years in the past, homecoming has been toward the middle of October; however, this year homecoming was hosted only the second week of school. Many students were a bit uneasy getting into the school spirit so early in the year, but after only the first day, students were ready to take on homecoming week with the classic Bronc pride.

   For this year’s big homecoming football game, the Sheridan Broncs played the Laramie Plainsmen. The game was a knock-out. Despite the unpredictable weather and spurts of downpouring rain, they ended the first half at a score of 48-0. While the weather did take a turn for the better towards the end of the game, the Broncs came right out of the gate at the beginning of the second half, finishing off the game at 55-6. Despite the disappointing score on behalf of the Plainsmen, it was an outstanding win for the Sheridan Broncs. This leaves the Bronc team at a 3-0 streak for the beginning of their season.   

   The Lady Bronc volleyball team, however, is just getting their season started with a brand new coaching staff. Up to this point, the Lady Broncs have only played in tournaments leading them to their first conference game homecoming week. The Broncs played the Natrona County Mustangs on Sheridan’s own court. The Lady Broncs lost in 3 against the Mustangs, but they are looking forward to the rest of the season. 

   Overall, homecoming week came to a beautiful close with the blue and gold student section and some outstanding games played by the Sheridan Broncs.

Sophomore Jacob Case, Sophomore Zach Thurrow, Sophomore, Shaylee Traphagan, Sophomore Amaya Neeriemer and Senior Tyrus Dotson dressed up and spent their night at the homecoming dance. (Courtesy Jennifer Fiedor)

Homecoming Dance

   The Homecoming Dance this year was unlike any other Homecoming Dance at Sheridan High School. Located in the small gym, it was much like the winter formal of last year. Colorful lights set the atmosphere to feel more like a party than a school-sanctioned event. Zach Allen was the DJ and many people were dancing to the music, which was a mix of mostly pop songs, along with country and rock thrown in every now and then. 

   The dance was enjoyed by students of all grades who attended, senior Victoria Smith said. Although the dress code was fairly lenient as opposed to prom and other dances, many students were dressed to the nines in fancy clothing. Other than a couple of incidents of crowd surfing, no rules were broken either. The enjoyable atmosphere reflected the fun attitude of the student body at Sheridan High School. Overall, it was an enjoyable night for everyone, whether they went alone, with a partner, or with friends.