2023 Prom entertains students with games and dancing


Students gather in center, dancing to the music played by a hired D.J. (Photo courtesy Ashlie Phillips)

   This year’s Sheridan High School prom took place on May 6, 2023. The theme, determined by the SHS Student Council, was “Night in Vegas”. The night centered around the culture and good times that come with Las Vegas. The Grand March took place on the track and football field at approximately 6 p.m. This gave all those who bought tickets a chance to display their outfits and present themselves to the widely enthused audience in the stands as well as their peers who were also attending prom. Students were lined up along the track in the order in which they purchased their tickets and when their names were called, got the opportunity to talk down the track and pose for a picture, taken by Gretchen McCafferty, near two giant stacked dice. Prom King was Cameron Reckard and Queen was Sam Spielman. Prince and Princess were Will Brooks and Addie Pendergast. 

   After the Grand March came to an end, students followed one another into the gymnasium of the school where the decorations surely matched the theme. Giant dice, fake money, and casino-like games made the environment during the dance enjoyable to all. If students did not wish to dance, then games and casino tables were scattered around the room, giving alternative offers to students other than dancing. At points throughout the night, attending students names’ were called and given prizes, both items and cash were rewarded. The maximum prize for the cash was $500. Many of the games featured a real-like casino feel, with poker, roulette, and other card and dice games being offered. The students were able to either play the game or run the games for their peers. The chaperones that were present were also able to take part in the fun as well. 

Abby Newton, Gillian Mason, Sydney Warnke, Avery Quarterman, Sage Lowe, Sydni Bilyeu, Catie Kuehl, Ella Kessner, Holland Scott and Brooke Larsen pose in front of the Vegas themed photo area, dressed to impress at the 2023 dance. (Photo courtesy Dane Steel)

   The dance floor was loaded with students who put their best moves on display, surrounded by their friends and fellow classmates. Once the hired D.J. got more knowledge of the kind of music that was desired by high school students, the crowd had a great time; laughter, smiles, and good times flooded the room. “It was great seeing all of our wonderful students dressed up all fancy,” said Principal Scott Cleland. “Everything was great; however, next year we will have a different D.J.” 

   As a whole, it is clear to all that the 2023 SHS Prom was truly a great time. “I had an absolute blast,” said Reckard. “Out of all the ways senior prom could have gone, this one was perfect.” As seniors part with their high school, and as underclassmen start their high school journey, it is safe to say that those who attended this dance are sure to leave with memories that will be cherished forever. 

Players of the 2022-2023 SHS football team, varsity and junior varsity, gather during the 2023 Prom Grand March for a photo while they are all dressed in tuxes and suits to fit the occasion. The seniors, Rater Tomlinson, Casen Wilson, Chance Larson, Deedan Kirschner, Cael Gilbertson, Colson Coon, Cole Hansen, Mathew Ketner and Dillan Bennet, enjoy their last high school prom with their teammates. (Photo courtesy Levi Jensen)