Obama vs Romney


With the upcoming election, both Mitt Romney and President Obama need to appeal to the younger voters

Mitt Romney: The way of the future

The coming election is an extremely important one that comes down to the simple question of who is better for America. The answer is clear, Mitt Romney is better for America than Barack Obama could ever be. For many Americans this will be the first time they are able to vote and can show their support for the better future of America by supporting Romney. When selecting the candidate you want to vote for in the coming election you have to look at the true issue, the economy. A strong economy means America’s future will be prosperous, but with the national debt reaching 16 trillion dollars America’s future is extremely bleak.

During Obama’s term the national debt has increased nearly 5 trillion dollars, which is more than President Bush did his entire eight years. Romney was able to balance the budget as governor of Massachusetts and was put in charge of the fiscal responsibilities at the Olympics held in Salt Lake City. If Obama remains president the debt will continue to increase uncontrollably because Obamacare is a fiscal catastrophe and could easily bankrupt several struggling states. Romney has vowed to overturn Obamacare and offer an alternative to healthcare, which is part of his five-point-plan to save the economy. Obama has refused to crack down on China who has repeatedly held down the value of the currency illegally , which has in turn made China a stronger country economically than America. Romney has stated that on his first day in office he would tag China as a currency manipulator which would allow the U.S to level the playing field against China. He also has an in depth understanding of the private sector, something Obama doesn’t because of his lack of experience in business. Romney has created countless jobs and understands how to actually reduce unemployment to under six percent, something Obama promised and failed to do four years ago.

The United States, once the most powerful country in the world, has now fallen lower than countries like China. America deserves a president who can return America to its former and well-deserved glory. Mitt Romney is that president. He is a strong businessman who knows how to create jobs and balance the budget. He knows how to work across party lines, something Barack Obama has failed to do. Romney has proven time and again that he can run this country better than Obama has.

Obama made several promises when he was running for election in 2008. He stated that by 2012 unemployment would be under six percent. The United States is currently over nine million jobs away from that goal. Obama swore he would work across party lines and get things done in America. Washington has been in a political gridlock for over two years. Obama promised his supporters he would close Guantanamo Bay. It is still open and in full operation. Obama promised to mend foreign affairs in the middle east. He ended one war but drone strikes are higher now than they’ve ever been. Obama had his chance, he doesn’t deserve another one.

This year Americans have a choice to make. They can vote to stay on the same path America has been on the past four years with the economy at a crawl and the middle east still in turmoil. They can chose to stay with Obama and Biden who have broken nearly every promise they made in 2008 and who have kept Washington in a political gridlock. Or, Americans can vote for a bright future for their children. They can vote to fix our sluggish economy by voting for Romney, a smart businessman, and Ryan, an economic expert. To the Americans who are voting for the first time, you want to make a good decision. This could very well be the most important vote you ever cast. The future of America rests in the hands of the voters who, to avoid an economic catastrophe, must make the smart decision this time.


Why this country needs Obama

With Nov. 6 fast approaching and many new registered voters, it’s important to look at which candidate can provide more for the younger generation. Debate after debate, issues from religion to taxes have been argued extensively, but this election has been summed up to three major issues; the economy, health care, and social equality. Barack Obama has consistently provided all of the right solutions to these issues.

Receiving a post secondary education has become extremely expensive and some students have even been forced to turn down education because they can’t afford it. In Obama’s opinion, this should never happen because he believes education is vital for the upcoming generation. To help ensure students can go to their dream school if they become accepted, instead of “shopping around” like Mitt Romney suggests, he has provided a plan that will cut monthly student loan costs to a reasonable level that is affordable and has increased funding for Pell Grants by more than 92% according to latimes.com. This is huge for 18 year olds because now they are more likely to receive help paying for college through the grant money and their parents will catch a break on taxes while a child is attending a college. Romney has proposed cutting funding for Pell Grants and told students in a lecture at Otterbein University in Ohio, to “borrow money from their parents,” according to thinkprogress.org.

With immense controversy and thousands of pages of legislation, Obamacare, in simplified form, only helps the younger generation despite the far right’s opposition. Anyone under the age of 26 is now allowed to stay on their parent’s insurance. This will drastically help the students who are just coming out of college and struggling to find a job and those that are still trying to complete a masters degree. Also, those who have a pre-existing condition can no longer be denied medical coverage by insurance companies. According to healthcare.gov, “All covered benefits are available to you, even to treat a pre-existing condition. The program doesn’t charge you a higher premium just because of your medical condition, and eligibility is not based on income.” The younger generation will only benefit from being insured.

Everyone wishes to have the same rights as the next person even though some don’t always voice their opinion about it. Obama has been one president to focus on social equality no matter the problem. He believes the rich deserve to pay their fair share, women can make their own healthcare decisions, they deserve fair pay for fair work, and same sex couples deserve the right to a marriage.

The tone was set the first day in office when Obama signed the Lilly Ledbetter Act allowing for fair pay for women. As the future progresses, women are becoming more powerful and being put into positions where a man can no longer consider her beneath him.

Health issues have been debated for decades, and are still. The “War on Women” has showed each candidate’s true blue opinion on the amount of rights women should receive on their healthcare decisions, such as birth control, abortion, and Planned Parenthood access. Romney strongly believes that the funding should be cut for Planned Parenthood which provides many women with the access to cancer screenings. This action would only push the country backward in progress instead of forward, which we constantly strive to achieve.

Millionaires and billionaires have been paying the same or lower tax rate than many middle class Americans. Romney believes that the rich, including himself, don’t need to pay their fair share just because they inherited large sums of money. The deficit isn’t going to decrease if we allow the top 1% to opt out of paying taxes. Obama’s plan includes cutting taxes for the middle class such as our teachers, small business owners, and coaches who we associate ourselves with everyday. His plan also includes raising the taxes on the wealthy which will cut the deficit by four trillion dollars in ten years according to polifact.com.

Finally, Obama has publicly announced his support for same sex marriage believing that two people who are in love deserve the same right as heterosexual couples who are also in love. Obama’s plans for increasing social equality will drastically help us move forward.

Just because you’re young doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to voice your opinion or know any less. Voice what you believe and fight for the rights you deserve. Voting for Obama will ensure that your rights will be protected, even if you don’t make six digits right out of college, or ever. He has the solutions to every problem he is handed and carries them out with poise and confidence. Although he may be criticized for not fixing the problem George Bush left him when he took office, but we all know you can’t turn around the Titanic in four years. Obama is the change we can believe in.