Crossfire: Federal and local governments help protect citizens from pandemic


   It is no secret that a nationwide pandemic has been causing countries across the globe to change how people live. Federal and local governments are trying to figure out what are the best solutions to keep everyone safe. Some people might raise the question of how much power should the government have at this time. Some believe that both federal and local governments have overstepped their power. A large number of people are following social distancing protocol and tips from healthcare professionals. However, there is also a great percentage of people not following safety precautions and having the wrong outlook on COVID-19. The people not following rules in order to keep themselves and others safe need to be corrected in order to prevent a worse outcome and the death of many others. The government is enforcing rules and is doing exactly what they are supposed to do which is to protect American citizens. 

   This pandemic has taken a toll on small businesses, the nation’s economy, and many jobs. The reasoning for shutting everything down is to keep people from getting COVID-19. “We’re trying to be ready in every way we can possibly be,” said Governor of West Virginia, Jim Justice. For a span of weeks, the United States did not have an effective way of testing people who may be carrying the virus. Testing for COVID-19 is still being improved and distributed so the numbers of new cases will be lower than the number of recovered cases. “As our understanding of this virus continues to improve, we must revise our practices of care, both clinically and residential, to make sure that our most vulnerable populations are protected,” said Kathleen Unroe, a proclaimed doctor in Indianapolis, Ind.. There are big concerns when dealing with this virus that the government is trying to avoid. If the nation’s case number spikes too far, hospitals can become overwhelmed, the death rate will go up to numbers that could have been prevented, and people will receive even stricter guidelines to follow later if they do not follow the protocol now. 

   Additionally, President Donald Trump and the federal government have only created acts and laws in order to help people during this chaotic time. The government is interfering only where they are needed in Wyoming and nationally in order to keep people and their loved ones as safe as they can be. The federal government is helping small businesses overcome this economic emergency by giving them the funds they need to keep their employees on payroll and stay in business. The CARES Act provides small businesses with $350 billion in forgivable loans through the Paycheck Protection Program. CARES Act also is helping small businesses by providing advances on SBA (Small Business Administration) disaster loans that never have to be repaid, and forgiving non-disaster SBA loan payments over the next six months. 

   Sheridan County has shut down schools to keep students and families safe. Both the federal and local governments have not enforced but have encouraged people to listen to healthcare professionals, post signs, follow social distancing, and to stay up to date with local developments. On a state government level the biggest enforcement has been the changes is business and religion. Churches, schools, workplaces, and businesses have been shut down only for the purpose of social distancing to prevent sickness or death. People are concerned that the government is taking power that is not rightfully theirs. Some are afraid that the government is overreaching their power and taking away their freedom of religion or taking away their businesses.  Thanks to technology, church, school, and some jobs can be done online. Currently, there are laws being passed in order to help those who are struggling. Without the government interference, the death rate, and new case rate would be much higher. Many people across the nation would rather stay at home and take safety precautions, even if that means making big sacrifices, than watch a family member or loved one fall ill or die in isolation due to COVID-19.