Hallway etiquette: do’s and don’ts


Many students swarm the hallways between each period. Being careful and courteous is a must learn skill for some students.

Rushing to my locker first thing in the morning, knowing I’m going to be late, and finding a sea of cowboy hats surrounding my locker is the last thing I need, not to mention the overly-affectionate couple in the corner of the breeze way passionately expressing their love for the rest of the students to see. These are some of the many reasons why I absolutely hate the hallways. When the bell rings, I dread walking to my next class. I don’t understand why some of my fellow classmates think it’s necessary to stand in the middle of the hallway and talk. Seriously? A five minute passing period is definitely not the time to talk to your BFF about dreamy Johnny’s totally hot new profile picture on Facebook last night or for all of your clan to gather around and consult one another about your Friday night plans. Sorry, but I just want to get to my class without shoulder-checking you.

Another thing I absolutly hate about the hallways is the PDA. Please, go play tonsil hockey with your new boy toy while I throw up a little bit. It really grinds my gears when I look over and see two people locking lips. If you don’t feel awkward making out in front of your math teacher, I’d say you have serious problems, bro. Or that clingy couple that have to leave each other for fifty two long minutes so they have to say their goodbyes at the top of the staircase, and when they finally start to walk to class, they rush back into each others arms once more. How romantic.

Backpack checking: this gesture is probably at the top of my list of annoyances. I’m standing off to the side of the hallway being all polite and I’m suddenly jolted from behind, I turn and see a freshmen with a fifty pound backpack stalking away. We’ve all had this done, so I’m sure you feel my pain. This instantly puts me in a bad mood.

I’m sure you’ve all seen Mean Girls, specifically the waterhole scene. If you don’t get my reference just walk through the lobby in the morning. For instance, this morning the bell rang right as I walked into the building. I figured the flocks of people crowding the C wing doors would start walking to class. To my shocked surprise, not even the bell could move these wild animals. They just stood there as I tried to squeeze and push my way to class. Unbelieveable.

I’m not saying I have perfect hallway etiquette, because I do not. You know what annoying person that is constantly looking at their phone while trying to make way and get to class? That person is me. Yes, guilty as charged, I am usually Tweeting or updating my Facebook status when I run into someone.

Since not all of us have outstanding hallway manners, let’s all put in some effort and think about others. Maybe keep your makeout sessions for after school under the bleachers, or go on a nice date with your loved one, a movie perhaps? The chaotic crowdedness can be simply solved by moving to the side of the hallway while talking/texting or making your weekend plans at the tables in the Mez. I’ll even try to keep my tweeting to a minimum during passing periods. But for now, all I can say is “Brace yourself, the bell is about to ring.”