New teachers at SHS

Five new teachers, Brittany Belmarez, Danielle Holler, Adam Metcalf, Marshall McEwen, and Nikki Perryman, have joined the elite ranks of Sheridan High School. Students can’t help but wonder what these new educators are like, what they like to do, their teaching style or even trivial facts like their favorite food.

Brittany Bellmarez

Brittany Bellmarez sits in the corner of C wing and is student teaching with Tyson Emborg. After graduating from Colorado State University, Belmarez went on to student teach in Fort Collins and later came to SHS. Belmarez takes pleasure in knitting “very short scarves.” Her abiding interests include marine biology and politics. Belmarez enjoys Sheridan saying, “I like the small town feel, the small town community.” She loves concerts, especially country; her favorite one being Keith Urban. “He gave away a guitar, and was walking around. It was by far the best show I have ever seen.” An interesting fact about Bellmarez is that she had open-heart surgery at the age of twelve to fix a heart murmur. Belmarez can be found in Emborg’s room for the rest of the year.

Danielle Holler

Danielle Holler is an avid adventurer with a love for teaching english. She likes canoeing, and “anything outdoors.” She also enjoys skydiving. “It was always something I wanted to do,” she said. She grew up and graduated in Sheridan High School in 2007, where she was an average student who participated in Treblemakers. Her favorite book is “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen. Holler likes living by her family and being near the mountains. Her classroom is located in E-wing.

Adam Metcalf

Adam Metcalf is the new history teacher at Sheridan High. He grew up in New York, and went to college in Washington D.C. However Metcalf doesn’t miss the city, saying “I do enjoy the city, but I like Wyoming a lot more.” Before coming to Sheridan, Metcalf lived in China, Russia, and the Caribbean Islands. Metcalf likes traveling, and started the Model United Nations club (MUN) at SHS. In High School, Metcalf described himself as a “preppy thug,” wearing pollos, Notika, and “sideways vizors.” If he could be anything besides a teacher, Metcalf would like to be a diplomat in the United States government.

Marshall McEwen

This is Marshall McEwen’s first year teaching in his own classroom. McEwen is originally from Wheatland, Wyo., and went to college and student-taught in Helena, Mont. He is also a member of the SHS football coaching staff, spending most of his time either teaching or coaching. “School and football crush the rest of my hobbies,” said McEwen, laughing. His favorite food is steak and loves the movie “Braveheart.” McEwen has a love of football, and would enjoy playing it professionally.

Nikki Perryman

Nikki Perryman moved to Sheridan from the sunny city of Los Angeles. Perryman wasn’t sad to move. In Sheridan, she enjoys the weather and fresh air. “Even though it’s been smokey, it’s still much more fresh than Los Angeles.” Perryman got her GED before deciding she wanted to go into teaching. Her interests include playing the cello, which she started learning four years ago, knitting scarves, and reading. Perryman loves the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, which helped her become interested in foreign languages. Perryman can be found in C wing.