Students from around the world at SHS


Students from around the world: (from left) Sara Shanine from Lebanon, Katy Klafke from Germany, Nadya Koksharova from Russia, and Sivert Stennhammer from Norway.

   Nadya Koksharova: Russia

This year´s Russian exchange student loves the experience of a new life and observing the changes of her life. Nadya Koksharova looks forward to American Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween and visiting other places in the United States such as Yellowstone, Washington D.C., Chicago, and New York City. Nadya has observed differences between her school in Russia and Sheridan High School strongly from the fact that here students are allowed to choose their classes, when in her previous school, a class of about 20 to 30 students stayed together from kindergarten until graduation with pre-assigned subjects. She also noticed a cultural difference in how people here, even strangers, greet each other with at least a wave. “People here are very friendly,” she said. Something Sheridan might not know about Nadya is that she is “too honest at times,” and likes to be “straight-forward.”

Sara Shahine: Lebanon

Sara Shahine is from Lebanon and adjusting to English from her native language of Arabic. One of her favorite parts of exchange so far is that “everything is different, including a bigger school.” Sara appreciates that one major difference between her previous school and Sheridan High School is the many extracurricular activities and many options for sports outside of school. Looking forward to American holidays and events, Sara hopes to visit Hawaii, New York City, and Las Vegas during her time on exchange. Sara said her biggest surprise upon arrival in the United States was that she, “could not believe that it was a [Thanksgiving] tradition to eat a big bird!” Sara is friendly, talkative, and looks forward to meeting new people.

Katy Klafke: Germany

From Germany, Katy Klafke is excited to be an area with so much horse culture and loves her host family. Katy described some contrasts between her German school and SHS including the lack of a dress code at her school in Germany. She also said that the teachers in her previous school “don’t care personally about their students like they do here,” and the classes are pre-chosen. Katy looks forward to American holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Halloween, and hopes to visit Yellowstone and New York City. Katy is empathetic, caring, and loves animals.

Sivert Stennhammer: Norway

Sivert Stennhammer, this year’s Norwegian exchange student is traveling through Rotary International. Sivert is enjoying the new experience and culture so far and looks forward to snowboarding in Jackson Hole. He noted one difference between his school in Norway and SHS: “homework isn’t given every day in my school [in Norway] like it is here.” Sivert was surprised by his Sheridan greeting in late August by the many Rotarians and fellow Sheridan High School students and staff members who met him at the airport for his arrival. Sivert hopes to visit Mount Rushmore during his year in the United States and he has never tasted Taco Bell.