SHS teacher named District 2 teacher of the year


Consumer science teacher Heidi Richins helps Freshmen Krisjian Yager and Freshmen Blake Baker on their foods assignment. Richins was recently named teacher of the year by Sheridan County School District 2.

Sheridan High School teacher Heidi Richins was recently recognized as teacher of the year by Sheridan County School District 2. The district selects a teacher every year who demonstrates outstanding aspects in every part of his or her career.

Richins is the head of the Family and Consumer Science department where she teaches Foods and Nutrition, Child and Family Studies, Clothing and Fashion Design, and ParenTEEN. Richins started ParenTEEN to teach teenage mothers about parenting and life essentials that has helped many young women.

While attending BYU, she decided on the major of Family and Consumer Science because she believed it was very applicable to life. Teaching became something that she wanted to do because of great teachers she had in her life and her love of children and teenagers. ParenTEEN student Skye Yzaguirre said, “She puts her students’ wants and needs before her own always. It doesn’t matter the situation, she always hears a student out.”

Throughout her career she has learned how valuable it is to maintain a relationship with her students. Richins said “Kids don’t care how much you know if theres no relationship.” She is fond of the quote, “Nobody cares how much you know unless they know you care.”  Richins advises those who would like to teach in the future to spend time in a classroom. She adds that it’s a much harder job than it appears and it’s vital to find a subject that you’re interested in and passionate about so kids can build their interest also.

Later in life and when Richins has more time, she hopes to get her National Board Certification in Family and Consumer Science. She is considering a Masters Degree program but is undecided about it.